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lantal textiles

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lantal textiles
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lantal textiles

43354 hours ago

lantal textiles

43359 hours ago

lantal textiles

43365 hours ago

lantal textiles

43371 hours ago

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Comments (16)

20880 02/05/13 14:29

the post with my pic of Harmon I did not post all my post have my name on them so whomever is posting with my pic get a life and get your own  name.



20880 02/02/13 11:08

Since they are about 7 hours ahead of us it is 5am here now so it will 11 am or so there and on a Saturday who wants to get up that early me I am going back to bed for a bibI  sks translors also go back to bed I go, :)

mnmarilyn 02/01/13 22:20

Rector Hans is actually younger then me. They just age better in the Swiss air.

mnmarilyn 02/01/13 22:18

"The old gent" has a name, it's Rector Hans and you may see less of his as he is transitioning into retirement. Don't know yet who will replace him.

mnmarilyn 02/01/13 22:13

It's Rector Hans air cleaner/filter it takes all the dust out of the air.

Kari 01/06/13 05:58

@Ekaterina, it seems to be one of those plasma globe novelty lamps.

Ekaterina 05/27/12 21:41

What is that thing on the cupboard, to the left of the armchair? Like a spinning lamp, or fan?

Gracie 12/20/11 15:26

The old Gent is here! Also a lady seated at the front of his desk

sweetsue420 02/11/11 09:06

I always see him  at 4:00 am...central time

Selina 01/25/11 08:07
and again at 12:08 AM PST! :) he's busy working a lot lately
Selina 01/21/11 06:43
yaaaaay there he is again at 10:43 PM PST :]
Tom Bombadil 01/19/11 15:12
He's here! 3:11 GMT.
Belly fat 01/13/11 02:13
Imagine having a camera pointed at you every day when you are at work.
Selina 01/10/11 08:44
I FINALLY SAW HIM!!!!! 12:40 AM PST. For anyone who is curious:
unknown 01/07/11 03:48
Well they say a clean desk is the sign of a sick mind .
Marilyn 01/04/11 20:02
It is obvious he is like my husband and knows nothing about computer but it trying very hard to least he is there with ALL the KIDS!

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