St.Galler Tagblatt - Winkeln West View

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St.Galler Tagblatt - Winkeln West View
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St.Galler Tagblatt - Winkeln West View

4 hours ago

St.Galler Tagblatt - Winkeln West View

7 hours ago

St.Galler Tagblatt - Winkeln West View

10 hours ago

St.Galler Tagblatt - Winkeln West View

13 hours ago

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Comments (8)

MD 12/29/17 19:04

Not a clue.  At one time there were quite a few cams aimed at windows.

Moose 12/29/17 18:50

I can't remember which cam I saw.  It was a couple of hours ago, after all.  Let's see...a lot of traffic, Rain Shadow mentioned a cam operator peeping in windows, then something about a sandpile and you would rather watch the sandpile than the traffic.  Ring any bells?

MD 12/29/17 18:11

Well Moose ...... if the sandpile had workmen slaving away .......   :D

I must have been having a sandpile day because  ...... in the right place ..... I enjoy watching traffic. There's a cam in Spain and it shows the toll booths on a motorway.  It used to be one of my favorites.

Moose 12/29/17 18:01

I missed that one square inch of activity.  I also found a cam today where you commented that you would rather watch a sandpile than traffic.  And still a long time since last commenting activity.

MD 12/29/17 15:09

There's a busy road over on the right, a road that runs diagonally, 2 cranes and smoke/steam coming from at least 3 chimneys. that's plenty of interesting things.   :))

Moose 12/29/17 14:55

It was very boring in the dark.  Now that it is light out, I can see that it is a bunch of roofs.  Very exciting.

MD 12/29/17 14:31

I don't think it's boring ...... but then ...... I'm easily amused.   :D

Moose 12/29/17 03:06

Duplicate boring cam.  And a long time between comments.


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