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View of the Sea Area "Lovundvika"
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View of the Sea Area "Lovundvika"

6 hours ago

View of the Sea Area "Lovundvika"

9 hours ago

View of the Sea Area "Lovundvika"

12 hours ago

View of the Sea Area "Lovundvika"

15 hours ago

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Comments (32)

MD 01/29/19 05:27

Shame about that cable.

yingling 05/28/18 00:01

Land of The Midnight Sun. Stunning view .

MD 05/08/17 11:20

Hi Indigo ...... lovely view.

indigo 05/08/17 08:43

Yikes its snowing again, happy may days...

indigo 02/22/17 08:02

Wonderful view...Hi MD...

MD 07/29/16 22:14

Hi John .... just scroll down a bit and you can look at the rest of the view without that spider. :D

John in USA 07/29/16 22:01
Spider showing in the camera. I hate spiders
MD 05/09/15 14:50

Homely ...... LOL!!! Yes .... the 4 seasons of Opentopia. And how quickly they seem to come round. In about 7 months from now we'll be looking for the first Christmas lights.

Homely 05/09/15 11:50

It's getting to be that time of year again, MD! I'm thinking there are a few specific seasons on OT:

First Snow Season

Baby Kestrel Season

Christmas Tree Season


Midnight Sun Season!

MD 05/09/15 00:46

Quite light for the middle of the night.

MD 07/27/14 00:12

True. I can't believe how beautiful it is, and it's gone 2am.

Mira Bilis 07/27/14 00:05

I think they make up for it in winter. ;)

MD 07/26/14 23:46

These people must save a fortune on electricity.

MD 07/26/14 23:21

I love this view but shame about the cable.

MD 11/07/13 21:52

Oh wow! I've just looked at the "Best Shot" album. Stunning!

MD 11/07/13 21:50

Hi Homely, thanks for the link, I've bookmarked it. The north view is beautiful.

Homely 11/07/13 20:48

I'm looking at it again tonight, MD, and I think it might be a reflection. It appears to be in the same place as the other night. I have, however, seen the northern lights on this cam for real in the past. If you really want to see them, give this cam a try:

They are not ALWAYS there, but you certainly will see them if you check back regularly.

MD 11/06/13 18:21

Gosh Homely, I think you're right.

Homely 11/06/13 17:15

I do think there is a slight view of Northern Lights tonight.

MD 07/15/13 10:53

I never thought about that. And now, having thought about it, they won't realise that there are other seagulls living in other places who have chance to get a decent night's sleep. Poor things. Born in the wrong place.  ;))


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