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Virginia Tech - Eggleston Drill Field
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Virginia Tech - Eggleston Drill Field

6 hours ago

Virginia Tech - Eggleston Drill Field

9 hours ago

Virginia Tech - Eggleston Drill Field

12 hours ago

Virginia Tech - Eggleston Drill Field

15 hours ago

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Comments (28)

MD 01/15/22 20:55

Hi Sue.  I wish she would.  She was one of the people who helped to identify most of the cams.  She was knowledgeable and fun.

Arizona Sue 01/14/22 22:18

I wonder if Mira will ever return to this site.  

MD 01/13/22 19:59

Mira Bilis knew how to put links properly.

cartlon flores 01/13/22 08:52

I've only just come across that link from Mira Bilis !

cartlon flores 01/13/22 08:52

I've only just come across that link from Mira Bilis !

Twig TheSlateBlueDuck 05/29/16 20:52

MD, would you believe that when they fall off, we get back up there and glue them back on?

Mira Bilis 12/31/14 22:29

Hi Carol ... lol, this covers everything ... very interesting ...

... and Happy New Year! :)

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 12/31/14 22:06

Lol, yes we lose leaves on some of the trees, but they don't really change color, they just kind of go brown and fall off. But we do have some trees, like palm trees and others that don't lose it at all.

MD 12/06/14 18:11

So your trees never ever lose their leaves?? I'm trying to picture ancient leaves... year after year... sitting in the sun.. baking to a crisp. I have a wonderful imagination but it just won't work on that idea. LOL

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 12/06/14 18:07

Yea but when the winters get really harsh it's worth it to not be there to see those things.

MD 12/06/14 17:58

Carol..... I've just re-read a comment from you on the 12th October. I can't imagine not seeing the leaves change colour and fall off the trees.

Mira Bilis 10/31/14 15:42


trix abound 10/31/14 15:39 favorite fall colors!!!

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 10/27/14 17:44

Yes, I miss all of that. Every time i come to this page the leaves get prettier and prettier!!

trix abound 10/12/14 17:57

and raking the leaves into a pile to jump in !!!!!!

MD 10/12/14 17:51

Carol.... I love the smell when rain first falls after a long dry-spell. Nothing else is quite like it.

I've only just come across that link from Mira Bilis..... I love it!

NQ... I bet your nephews would laugh if they knew they were on Opentopia! :D

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 10/12/14 17:28

I miss the beauty of fall. The changing color of the trees, the smell of leaves after it rains and the cool weather after a hot, humid summer.

Homely 09/12/14 02:26

NQ, first, HI! haven't talked to you in ages... next, how do you post those pictures? So often I have something I'd love to share with all my OT friends and I don't have any way to do it!


Mira Bilis 09/11/14 21:38

Oops! Sorry NQ!! I really must clean my glasses! :)

Mira Bilis 09/11/14 19:48

LOL!! Awesome Carol ... I love it! :D


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