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Grand Valley State University - Great Lakes Plaza
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Grand Valley State University - Great Lakes Plaza

110 hours ago

Grand Valley State University - Great Lakes Plaza

113 hours ago

Grand Valley State University - Great Lakes Plaza

116 hours ago

Grand Valley State University - Great Lakes Plaza

119 hours ago

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Comments (21)

MD 04/02/16 16:57

NQ ...... So ... you're a NIMBY! Not In My Back Yard. Same here. I like to see snow anywhere but near me. :D

N Q 04/02/16 15:56

it looks like confetti coming down :)

It's pretty as long as it's not happening at my place !

At this time of the year the sun is high enough that it warms the ground so the snow melts when it hits the ground.

I see that it is starting to stick.

MD 04/02/16 15:50

NQ .... maybe the ground was wet. I'm surprised it's not sticking ... as you say ... it's really coming down.

N Q 04/02/16 15:32

the snow is really coming down here but not sticking on the ground.

MD 11/21/15 18:51

I've just had fun reading Kyle's comments. Even he realised how gloomy he is. :D

Mira Bilis 11/21/15 18:22

The trees look very pretty.

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 09/07/14 15:38

No I didn't catch that Mira but ty so much for finding it.

Mira Bilis 09/04/14 15:46

Carol, did you spot my edit last night regarding that mystery cam you thought was on the west coast? I notice the cam has vanished from OT today. In case you missed it, it was the Central California Soaring Club in Avenal, California ...

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 09/04/14 14:36

Wow, stormy and windy today!

mike rophone 12/05/13 10:10

Looks like you folks gonna get some cold weather later!!

Hi Kyle!

kyle 01/11/13 21:13

Yes Mike, Im still here, usually on the bench , just look to the side on the lower Right hand side, good hearing from you, just found this post, sorry

15379 07/06/12 14:26

Hey!!!, anyone of you folks still around?. Since having to sign up to make comments, it seems to have dried up, I only just worked out how to

(I'm MIke from the UK...)

Kyle?,,you still look in here?



kyle 02/15/11 12:12

Patrick, can you remove the latter post?,  I didnt realize it was so gloomy, I was only attempting to inform, not leave it up for so long, the more its up, the gloomier it appears. I promise NOT to do that again. Please remove it, thanks

kyle 02/05/11 19:32

The latter means the Jet streams will reroute for several thousand miles when it stabilizes, as the Earth moved several feet, the butter fly effect takes time, however it will be different, more disastrous than Global warming as this is immediate, it will take several more years to stabilize, but in 2 years you should get the general idea of how it will be.

No one can predict yet if a cooler or warmer earth, as this changes everything, I've a feeling the warming effect the earth experienced prior to the shift, will be better than if the other was in effect

kyle 02/03/11 20:38

Im sorry about the cold weather, seems that computer model was too vague N too small for what happened, it will hit Europe hard, as the Atlantic current is colder than normal now, allowing even out Atlantic coastline to swelter in much below temperatures. Alas, it is not over , the  "Butter Fly Effect is only half way through in the change (Not Global warming effect) The shift in the rotation of the Earth was just enough to change all weather patterns on earth, it just took a while, I think t will stabilize in about 1.5 years. Can't predict what  will happen in that time frame, but the weather will be very much diferent than now.  I know no one will read this, which is cool, explaing the Butter Fly effect is not what I want now, read up on it. Basically it is called that because the sientist who proposed it said if a butter fly in the Andies flapped its wings it would effect the weather around the world, it just takes time  Read up on it

kyle 02/01/11 22:45

Snow is beutiful, but like an asp, dangerous

Kyle 01/27/11 06:16
Not to work a fever about it, they both were frozen to the ground don'ca know
Nervous Nerys 01/25/11 21:28
I just saw a mouse on this cam, walking down the road, not harming anyone. Suddenly a cat appeared and started to pounce on the poor mouse. I turned off at that point as I didn't want to behold the horror that was about to be unveiled before me.
Kyle 01/20/11 04:39
Always the best girls, get on more or write brats
Reen 01/01/11 20:24
No worries Kyle, just take care and have a wonderful New Year!

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