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Worthington St E & Wyld St from North Bay City Hall

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Worthington St E & Wyld St from North Bay City Hall
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Worthington St E & Wyld St from North Bay City Hall

2647 hours ago

Worthington St E & Wyld St from North Bay City Hall

2650 hours ago

Worthington St E & Wyld St from North Bay City Hall

2653 hours ago

Worthington St E & Wyld St from North Bay City Hall

2656 hours ago

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Comments (29)

MD 07/01/18 23:50

Wine is good for you.  It lets you write in a language you didn't know you knew.  :D

My maternal grandfather was Italian.  Maybe that's why I love Italy and continental countries.

stargzr 07/01/18 23:32

Okay, that would be England, not Enland......can you tell it's wine time?

stargzr 07/01/18 23:30

How absolutely perfect !  What a glorious scene to wake up to each morning.  Almost makes the trek up the hills worthwhile.  :)  My ancestors came from the UK (Enland and Scotland) and when I see or read about various places like this it stirs up my DNA.  :D

MD 07/01/18 23:15

I live within Dartmoor National Park.  As you can see ......  it's wild and open.

stargzr 07/01/18 23:13

Well said !!!!!!!!

MD 07/01/18 23:10

Why wait?   Your ex can go on his cruise and you can go to an observatory.    :D

stargzr 07/01/18 22:40

Color (or colour) me GREEN with envy.  The last time I could see a full star filled sky was on a trip to the Rocky Mountains.  My "bucket list" has always included a trip to a really good observatory.  Sigh - maybe in my next life. :)

MD 07/01/18 22:33

Star Geezer!!!!   LOL!!!   I always assumed it was stargazer.   I'm in the ideal spot for looking at the stars.  I'm on the edge of Dartmoor with no street lights to spoil the darkness.   At certain times of the year I'm able to watch the moon rise over the hillside without moving from my armchair.  I used to tell Trix what sort of moon she was going to get!

stargzr 07/01/18 22:25

Like going into space.  I've always been interested in astronomy, etc., which is why I chose "stargzr" as my O/T pseudonym....referring to star gazer.  However when my daughter saw it, she thought it would more appropriately refer to star GEEZER !!    Kids.

MD 07/01/18 22:20

But seriously ........ what an amazing thing it would be to fly so fast.

stargzr 07/01/18 22:07

Gross.   :D

MD 07/01/18 22:03

Gosh!!!   3,800 miles an hour .........  I know it couldn't happen but I can't help but picture this happening:

stargzr 07/01/18 21:46

Oh, MD, how absolutely beautiful....triggering another great memory of when I was a little girl and my Dad and I would ride the steam train from our town to the next, then back again.  It was such a treat!  This has been a fun trip down "Memory Lane."  Bookmarked, for sure.

MD 07/01/18 21:30

I love steam trains ..........  I can walk to this place  ........  Buckfastleigh.

stargzr 07/01/18 21:25

Not surprising.  Every year we have an exhibition in our city for all the model train enthusiasts and there are hundreds of participants....all men.  Having said that, I would LOVE to play with a Lionel train set one more time.  :)  Thanks for the lovely memories !

MD 07/01/18 21:20

Oh yessssssssssss  ..... Sheldon would have loved them.  I call my laptop Sheldon in his honor.    It was grown men who played with those trains.

stargzr 07/01/18 21:14

Well that'll teach me to recall my childhood...I'll be seeing trains in my sleep !!  Wouldn't Sheldon love these cams.

MD 07/01/18 20:12

LOL!!!!   I like that new word ....... has more substance.   :D

There are lots of model train set cams in My Cams but they aren't in any particular order and I have 280 pages of them ...... with 15 on a page.  When I find some time I'll search for them ........

I got side tracked looking at My Cams .......  some funny events went on before our very eyes.  :D


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