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View  from Route du Sommet-des-Vignes
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View  from Route du Sommet-des-Vignes

4 hours ago

View  from Route du Sommet-des-Vignes

7 hours ago

View  from Route du Sommet-des-Vignes

10 hours ago

View  from Route du Sommet-des-Vignes

13 hours ago

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Comments (216)

Homely 12/15/19 14:58

Looking for Santa...

carlo macke 12/05/19 19:44

Rembering 12 December 2016: Wanted man from South Pole, the late climbing Santa Claus




Clouds of Sils Maria - Maloja Snake




MD 11/22/19 03:38

I love this cam.

MD 04/15/19 10:44
MD 01/13/19 09:39

We didn't get to see Father Christmas. Shame they changed the camera angle.

MD 09/27/17 11:56

Soon be this time of year:

MD 09/27/17 11:33

Hi Indigo ..... yes ..... beautiful sight.

indigo 09/27/17 10:15

Trees starting to turn to autumn...

MD 05/15/17 11:21

The vines are coming on nicely.

MD 01/10/17 22:39

It's a beautiful part of the world.

Rain Shadow 01/10/17 22:33

Even at night, the view is stunning with all that snow.

MD 01/06/17 12:25

Hi Indigo ..... I bet he's got legs like a mountain goat! LOL

Looks beautiful with the snow.

indigo 01/06/17 09:55

Hi MD, yes I know about the pruning etc. I was commeting on his ability to move around up and down on that hill

(mountin) I cant spell today.

MD 12/28/16 13:39

Hi Indigo ... vines are prone to diseases and mildew. I once lived in the tiny village of Tournissan in France and our home was surrounded by vineyards. The viticulturists trim the vines back to the main stem and usually burn all of the clippings to remove any chance of contamination.

I hope you had a lovely Christmas.

MD 12/28/16 13:30

Larry Mac .... thank you. My back is feeling much better now. The annoying thing is when I forget and move sharpish ......

indigo 12/28/16 09:41

I been watching a person cleaning up brush on this hill-side (or mnt. side) and he or she moves with ease up and down these rows, which I think are grape vines, and he takes them up to the top and puts on a pile. I have never seen a person on the hill-side, amazing how he moves up and down.

Larry Mac 12/23/16 09:46

MD sorry to hear about your back problems, I will stop right now and say a pray for you.

MD 12/21/16 13:26

Hi Larry Mac ...... at one time there were over 4,000 cams on Opentopia so we have lost about 2,500 cams. I'm hopeful that Arjeplog will come back .... also Lake Hornavan which is about half a mile from Arjeplog. I'm still hopeful that Santa will appear. You never know the circumstances of the person who puts it there. I have recently pulled muscles in my back and find it hard to even brush my hair. I have my fingers crossed that Santa will appear. And ouch!!!!!!!!!! I just sneezed which has done my back no good at all. LOL

47419 ....... I love that "Wanted" poster. :D

Merry Christmas everyone.


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