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View from the Alps
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View from the Alps

67123 hours ago

View from the Alps

67129 hours ago

View from the Alps

67132 hours ago

View from the Alps

67135 hours ago

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Comments (15)

MD 04/15/19 11:21

Shame this one has gone.

MD 06/02/14 22:21

I like this one.

trix abound 05/17/14 01:27

goodnite MD

MD 05/17/14 01:20

Trix, your imagination is as good as mine. I'm off to bed as it's 2.20am! Goodnight. :)

trix abound 05/17/14 01:14

hell...i thought all the lights was mothership and the smaller ones baby ships untill i looked at the pics below...LOL

MD 05/17/14 00:39

Trix, if I really use my imagination, and squint a lot, I could imagine this being a floating space metropolis where the UFO's go for refreshments!  LOL

MD 04/12/14 18:27

N Q, sometimes I choose a country, or state, and work my way through. There are some lovely views that never seem to crop up in the "Recent Comments" box.

N Q 04/12/14 18:17

MD the other view is the one I normally look at. This last week I've been trying to view a lot of the other webcams I normally don't visit like this one.

MD 04/12/14 18:02

Yes, here's another view:

N Q 04/06/14 14:57

I love the patchwork looks of these wine fields.

What an amazing view !

MD 12/30/13 00:06

14 minutes, not bad at all. LOL

Mira Bilis 12/29/13 23:40

LOL!  I finally found it!  :-D  Great cam!  :-)

MD 12/29/13 23:33

We shall soon know!  LOL

steven marshall 12/29/13 23:26

Agree Md. Wonder if Mira found this yet?

MD 12/29/13 23:15



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