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Clickwerk AG

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Clickwerk AG
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Clickwerk AG

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Clickwerk AG

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Clickwerk AG

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Clickwerk AG

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Comments (11)

Moose 12/16/17 16:54

Something happened in the past 3 years to make the views less interesting.

Mira Bilis 10/24/14 15:21

Interesting views at the moment.

Mira Bilis 09/22/14 17:52

It's NCIS, lol.

zedyer 09/22/14 15:56

Its obvious how they did it.

Just get a tv broadcast on the internet then just get USB camera, put it with a signal and they done.

zedyer 09/22/14 15:37

Wow lol this webcam is everywherew!!

It was on a Lidt factory, then a child's bedroom..


Mira Bilis 09/22/14 15:36

It's picking up the tv signal again.

Kyle Gosnell 07/20/14 08:08

this is a weather cam , at least it was. Been around for several years ( i think ,it appears like the other one, but as all things could be another place, likely not),

 OT is putting up old cams that have been down for some time,when they come back online at times, not sure here

MD 06/03/14 21:49

Lidl would be very pleased with this.

N Q 06/03/14 21:44

I hope it's pointing at a tv, if not it's a very strange webcam !

Mira Bilis 06/03/14 21:32

(Refreshing stills seem to work better here.)

Mira Bilis 06/03/14 21:30

I guess this cam is pointed at a TV screen.


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