Schwalbenhof Farm

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Schwalbenhof Farm
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Schwalbenhof Farm

7 hours ago

Schwalbenhof Farm

10 hours ago

Schwalbenhof Farm

16 hours ago

Schwalbenhof Farm

22 hours ago

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Comments (10)

MD 05/25/17 12:52

Interesting cam.

Mira Bilis 09/09/14 18:02

Some kind of glorified garden shed/cabin.  ;)

Homely 09/09/14 17:55

Hobbit house?

MD 08/16/14 14:40

It could be. Did you see the horse in the field... a lovely brown one? It potters back and forth.

N Q 08/16/14 14:35

thanks MD for posting on this cam, it's a new one for me.

I wonder if that's a small shop of some kind ?

MD 08/16/14 14:26

I quite like this cam.

MD 01/12/13 13:31

Good afternoon Kyle. Thank you for the information on how to enlarge the picture. I'm new to computers and glad of any useful info.

kyle 01/12/13 11:51

PS hold down the Control key and then tap the "Plus" key to enlarge the picture to see these wonderful vehicles, hahaah leave it to the Germans to come up with such mechanical marvels

kyle 01/12/13 11:49

What a unique collection of three and 4 wheelers, I would love a couple of those bikes. Not sure if one can call them bikes, hmmmmm ?????


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