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Golfhotel Kaiserin Elisabeth

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Golfhotel Kaiserin Elisabeth

23519 hours ago

Golfhotel Kaiserin Elisabeth

23525 hours ago

Golfhotel Kaiserin Elisabeth

23531 hours ago

Golfhotel Kaiserin Elisabeth

23537 hours ago

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Comments (16)

MD 05/02/15 16:09

A beautiful view. Looks like a lake in the background.

Mira Bilis 05/02/15 15:50

So green! :)

MD 12/28/14 15:55

Hi Deacon... it looks beautiful with the snow but it's one of those places that looks just as good without.

deacon 12/28/14 15:45

Fresh snow. Looks very nice here.

trix abound 05/31/14 13:49

there were more people here but they all walked away as soon as i

N Q 05/31/14 13:41

It looks like they have it set up for a garden party :)

trix abound 05/31/14 13:31

it's a prim and proper lawn yokles

trix abound 04/01/14 16:08

getting prettier every day

MD 03/31/14 12:23

I've not seen this before. What a lovely garden.

trix abound 03/31/14 12:05

another new favorite

trix abound 03/29/14 15:28

it's beautiful...

Mira Bilis 03/29/14 15:21

So verdant now.  :-)

Mira Bilis 03/21/14 15:46

Yes ... especially as it was officially the first day of spring yesterday.  This garden certainly looks like it's bursting with new life ... it reminds me a lot of my parents' back garden, back in the UK.  Lovely.  :-)

Homely 03/17/14 11:54

At least it is beginning to look like spring SOMEwhere!

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 10/25/13 08:16

I totally agree Kyle

kyle 02/08/13 06:51

nice view


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