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Ulm University - Main Campus

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Ulm University - Main Campus
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Ulm University - Main Campus

75 hours ago

Ulm University - Main Campus

78 hours ago

Ulm University - Main Campus

81 hours ago

Ulm University - Main Campus

84 hours ago

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Comments (18)

MD 08/07/15 14:09

Zsombor .... I know the feeling!  :D

Zsombor Udvari 08/07/15 14:02

Oh no! This camera lost the focus! :-(

trix abound 12/16/14 00:18

MD....i was one of -1 last week !!!

MD 12/16/14 00:10

PS... I am one of -1 current visitors..... minus one?????? LOL

MD 12/16/14 00:09

Trix.... now I see a red one to the right of the right blue one..... and others!!!!!!

trix abound 12/15/14 23:55

WOW...missed that one!!!!

MD 12/15/14 23:41

Trix.... there's one over each steeple!  :)

trix abound 12/15/14 22:52

especially the little blue UFO above the steeple!!!!!

MD 12/15/14 22:38

I love this view.

MD 09/17/14 23:08


CAROL SCARBOROUGH 09/17/14 22:49

Wow, look at this view right now!

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 08/09/14 17:56

Well, I am on a roll today, lol. Nice View.

Mira Bilis 05/04/14 20:16

There's a lot of weather going on.  ;)

MD 05/04/14 17:37

N Q, we've had no snow in my area but so much rain you would not believe. That's why our grass is lush and green.

N Q 05/04/14 16:51

MD our grass is brown right now which is why it took me a moment to realize that wasn't grass.

A weeks worth of rain has started greening things up around here but the yards are still brown and muddy.

MD 05/04/14 15:53

N Q, our grass is green!  LOL

N Q 05/04/14 15:12

I hadn't seen this view before and it is nice.

It took me a minute to realize those are roof tops in the foreground instead of grassy areas !

Mira Bilis 12/07/13 20:45

Impressive view.


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