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Tomsk State University

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Tomsk State University
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Tomsk State University

13614 hours ago

Tomsk State University

13617 hours ago

Tomsk State University

13620 hours ago

Tomsk State University

13623 hours ago

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Comments (59)

MD 01/21/17 15:14

So bright.

MD 12/18/15 18:11

Hi Mira ..... when people walk across - it makes you reallise how tall the tree is. Beautiful.

Mira Bilis 12/18/15 17:18

All lit up now ... lovely.

MD 11/30/15 21:51

It's most impressive once it's lit.

N Q 11/30/15 20:58

the christmas tree is back--not lit yet though :(

MD 10/10/15 16:08

Beautiful colours.

MD 03/15/15 01:11

It is.   It was a superb tree.

trix abound 03/15/15 01:00

i think this is one where they had a lovely christmas tree year before last!!!

MD 03/15/15 00:56

Looking nice.

Mira Bilis 03/13/15 05:13

A bustling place by day.

trix abound 03/10/15 21:32

wow....haven't seen this one in awhile!!!!!

MD 03/10/15 21:22

Trix.... I expected this to be offline. It looks lovely.

Mira Bilis 01/02/15 22:29

It's a shame this cam went offline again so soon after it re-appeared.

N Q 12/27/14 23:37

Thanks Rain for commenting on this cam. I've been keeping an eye on the duplicate cam of this one since Nov wondering if it would come back online because I knew it had some nice xmas lights here. When I had done a search for Tomsk cams I hadn't come across this one.

Here's the duplicate cam but it's still down-

MD 12/27/14 23:34

This time last year there was a really pretty Christmas tree.

Rain Shadow 12/27/14 23:12

This is nice.

trix abound 03/09/14 00:45 must be the university...

trix abound 03/09/14 00:31 must be the university...

indigo 02/19/14 10:17

Looks bare without the tree. Whats that little building in the middle ?


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