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Marktplatz Gadebusch
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Marktplatz Gadebusch

5 hours ago

Marktplatz Gadebusch

11 hours ago

Marktplatz Gadebusch

14 hours ago

Marktplatz Gadebusch

17 hours ago

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Comments (16)

Rain Shadow 05/01/17 15:26

There is another maypole here, although I have not seen much evidence of any May Day activities on any of the cameras.

Larry Mac 08/02/16 00:02

This looks like a scene in a German movie, pretty cool.

Mira Bilis 11/28/15 19:07

So lovely here ... and still busy.

MD 11/24/15 15:37

Another place I'd love to visit.

N Q 11/24/15 02:35

another christmas tree :)

MD 08/18/15 15:11

Hi Trix .... yes .... I like the look of this place.

trix abound 08/18/15 13:43

what a lovely place!!

Mira Bilis 12/05/14 00:48

Yes NQ ... very pretty. I love the ambience of these small squares, especially around Christmas.

N Q 12/05/14 00:29

I like the shape of the lights/ornaments on this tree :)

N Q 11/24/14 13:09

xmas tree has gone up here too :)

Mira Bilis 10/26/14 16:12

I like the red tones of the brickwork.

MD 01/07/14 14:30

When it's dark I'm gonna see if I can find any more trees with lights still on.

N Q 01/07/14 12:11

They're sawing the christmas tree into pieces here :(

MD 01/05/14 15:52

Yes, there's just something about it. Pleasing to the eye.

N Q 01/05/14 15:30

I like the look of this building.

MD 12/12/13 15:46

I think I'll come back in daylight.


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