End Art Kulturfabrik on Veldener Straße

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End Art Kulturfabrik on Veldener Straße
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End Art Kulturfabrik on Veldener Straße

4 hours ago

End Art Kulturfabrik on Veldener Straße

7 hours ago

End Art Kulturfabrik on Veldener Straße

10 hours ago

End Art Kulturfabrik on Veldener Straße

13 hours ago

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Comments (21)

MD 06/03/17 16:23

And now we get to see traffic.  I'd rather see the sandpit.

Rain Shadow 06/03/17 15:58

I did notice the earlier comments, I think the camera predator is still out there.  I suppose I could have better described it as a giant sandpit in the center of Düren.

MD 06/03/17 15:42

Rain Shadow ..... I'm sure you will have seen from earlier comments that this cam used to zoom into someone's living room. It was very invasive.

The pitch looks too sandy to be a street.

Rain Shadow 06/03/17 15:16

Interesting, 'beach volleyball' in the street.

trix abound 07/18/14 21:47

dona...a bit cooler outside but buggy...muggies are gone for now

Mira Bilis 07/18/14 21:24

Thank you ladies!  :)

dona brantley 07/18/14 18:29

hi trix      clear and hot      im glad  iwe both have our own pcs again   wooo  whooo         how is your weather??           smile  dona

trix abound 07/18/14 18:08

aww crap....i mean HI DONA...LOL

trix abound 07/18/14 17:49

ho done....glad you have your computer back...how is your weather?

dona brantley 07/18/14 17:40

mira  one red thumb at you service  giggle  giggle                     smiley

Mira Bilis 07/18/14 16:36

Still needs a red thumb.  ;)

Mira Bilis 07/17/14 15:07

Red thumb on this one methinks.  ;)

Mira Bilis 07/16/14 02:57

I red thumbed your edit Sidney ... we're not going down that road again.  ;)

MD 07/13/14 23:21

It's hooooge!

Mira Bilis 07/13/14 22:55

Oh it's definitely a spy cam MD ... and whoever lives in that house must have a bloody enormous TV screen!  LOL!  :D

MD 07/13/14 22:47

And I green thumbed again but I'll always think of it as The Spy Cam!  LOL

Mira Bilis 07/13/14 22:42

Obviously whoever is controlling this cam at the moment is not doing it from the website page.

Mira Bilis 07/13/14 22:25

LOL!  I found the cam page but it's not connecting at the moment ...


I edited the details again.  ;)

MD 07/13/14 22:18


MD 07/13/14 22:06

Mira, I green thumbed but I'm starting to think it's a dedicated spy cam! So odd to see a man sitting there watching tv. This is one mighty nosy neighbour!


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