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Riessersee Hotel

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Riessersee Hotel
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Riessersee Hotel

2675 hours ago

Riessersee Hotel

2678 hours ago

Riessersee Hotel

2681 hours ago

Riessersee Hotel

2684 hours ago

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Comments (36)

Lily Oliver 09/27/17 09:52

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MD 04/27/17 16:07

Rain Shadow ...... that's rare but it isn't foolish. It's research.  :D

Rain Shadow 04/27/17 15:42

You are right MD, I believe you have mentioned that before.  (I am one of those rare and foolish creatures who takes the time to read previous comments "below the fold.")

MD 04/27/17 15:27

Very nice.  I've been to Bavaria. In a small place called Fussen they brew a wonderful beer.

  The Great Escape was filmed in Bavaria. Not a lot of people know that.   :D


Rain Shadow 04/27/17 15:12

This looks like a lovely place to stay

indigo 05/10/16 10:01

This is a view when viewed from the right side on a trip thru Austria that I call it the Gap or the Cut, can they be 2 different ones ?

MD 10/06/15 16:46

Mira ... lovely. Must remember to look a bit earlier tomorrow.

Mira Bilis 10/06/15 16:15
Mira Bilis 10/06/15 15:20

Fabulous autumn colours!

trix abound 08/14/15 15:36

LOL MD....i remember saying when i was 10 or 11 that i probably wouldn't live to see 2000 because it was soooooo far away......

MD 08/14/15 14:56

I mean ...... 1995 is 20 years ago.  1995 doesn't even sound that old.  LOL!!!!

trix abound 08/14/15 14:46

well i can understand why!!!!!....seems like just yesterday!!!!!

MD 08/14/15 14:30

Trix .... I went to youtube ... I was going to put a link to a video of 99 Red Balloons but when I saw 1983 by the side of it .... it took the wind out of my sails,  32 years ..... that's scary.  LOL

trix abound 08/14/15 14:10


MD 08/14/15 14:01

Trix ...... it's been 32 years since Red Ballons was released. 

trix abound 08/14/15 13:38

LOL yes!!!

MD 08/14/15 13:23

I only see green and white balloons. How odd. 99 red ballons come to mind!  :D

trix abound 08/14/15 13:12

i think we missed the party!!!

MD 12/28/14 15:03

Hi N Q.  I just saw a bunch of people having fun down there.

N Q 12/28/14 14:57

This is a beautiful winter scene today !

I'm looking through my Fav cams right now and it looks like all of Europe got snow in the last 2 days.


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