Benediktinerabtei Ottobeuren & Marktplatz

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Benediktinerabtei Ottobeuren & Marktplatz
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Benediktinerabtei Ottobeuren & Marktplatz

3 hours ago

Benediktinerabtei Ottobeuren & Marktplatz

6 hours ago

Benediktinerabtei Ottobeuren & Marktplatz

9 hours ago

Benediktinerabtei Ottobeuren & Marktplatz

12 hours ago

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Comments (24)

larry faizan 01/01/17 10:16

no snow?

i thought that december january theres snow there

MD 07/02/16 13:07

Yes ....... and good luck France tomorrow.

djfavelas yuri 07/02/16 06:40

goodluck for germanny in euro


N Q 11/30/15 20:46

there's a christmas tree here but it's one that's probably better viewed before the sun goes down and this cam changes over to b/w.

Bloodstream Woodbrook 11/19/15 23:07

Network cam link?

Mira Bilis 05/22/15 19:12

Funky!  Thanks Teo.  :)

MD 05/22/15 18:38

Teo, thanks for that. And now I see the bins moving.

Teo West 05/22/15 18:28

RE: The objects in the lower left hand corner. Referred to earlier as stickks in a hole in the ground.                 "Near the town hall is an interesting fountain. There’s a rivulet flowing to that fountain, and the water there flows into some bins. When the bins are getting full, they turn and spill the water."   I copied that from a travel site. They refer to this as Market Square and offer more info on the area we see on cam.

Mira Bilis 12/31/14 02:00

LOL Chemical ... it's always better when you can view it from the other side of the lens.  ;)

Chemical 12/31/14 01:17

I hate snow but when I see it on cam where it's nowhere near me, then it's "lovely" LOL

Mira Bilis 12/31/14 00:09

How lovely.

Chemical 12/30/14 22:07

Just covered in snow!

MD 12/02/14 14:25

Hi NQ.... I've no idea what they are but they're not very decorative.

N Q 12/02/14 14:14

There's a tree here too but what do you gals think those sticks coming out of the round hole are for ?

MD 07/20/14 19:26

What a lovely clear cam and beautiful view.

Chemical 12/15/13 00:09

I actually like this cam despite the fact it's an abbey.

dona brantley 12/14/13 08:19

this is such a great cam    jaw dropping   dona

dona brantley 12/14/13 08:17

hi md thanks for the link  im just finding it  thanks    dona   smile

Chemical 12/14/13 06:16 in a religious one?

MD 11/07/13 19:41

I love the way this is lit up.


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