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Comments (866)

Mommie Dearest in Devon 03/18/17 16:17

Rain Shadow .... the red warning seems to come up on this cam from time to time. I echo your sentiments about those 2 cams. I go for the comments .... it's very rare that I actually look at live feed. Real scenery I can look at again and again but a knitting woman and a sleeping woman????   If those 2 cams went .... so would many visitors.  :D

Thanks for the info about Firefox.

Rain Shadow 03/18/17 15:47

*Not working, as in, not showing up in 'Recently Viewed' due to the red message at the top.

Rain Shadow 03/18/17 15:44

I see this camera is currently not working.  There seem to be more and more cameras disappearing from Opentopia these days, ironically (coincidentally?) at a time when its visitor numbers have increased.  It is a pity the Chip-Chan and Susan cameras are still around though, I certainly would not miss those if they vanished.

Also, the latest Firefox update included new security features, which is why you now see that "insecure site" warning when you log in.  Java is also now completely blocked across Firefox, not that I ever had much use for it.

Mommie Dearest in Devon 03/11/17 19:35

Sorry .... can't be done. You'll have to settle for 500ml or 50cl.  :D

bones FTW 03/11/17 19:17

give us a pint guv

Mommie Dearest in Devon 03/11/17 13:33

Indigo ...... sometimes I have days when my bones feel weary .... when everything is too much of an effort. On those days I just do nothing at all .... apart from play on my laptop ....... and eat chocolate and ice cream!!!  :D

And I'm so apathetic. I've found one or 2 holidays that are tempting but I just can't seem to stir up enough enthusiasm. I could actually be in this bar in less than 7 hours ...... sigh .............

indigo 03/11/17 10:57

Hi MD, feeling like I am 97 instead of 77, I think its the stupid weather, my bones are weary !!

How are u doing ? Found a place to go this year ?


Mommie Dearest in Devon 03/10/17 17:19

Hi Indigo ....... how are you?

Mommie Dearest in Devon 03/04/17 19:43

Hi Deacon ....... some Brits are the same. They don't seem to drink for enjoyment  ....... more of a mission to pour as much down their necks as they can before getting violent or passing out. Or both. It seems to be getting worse.

deacon 03/04/17 18:51

Hi MD. They likely wet their whistles more respectfully and responsibly in Catalonia. In the states, it seems the local bar is a place where trouble begins. Fights, drunk drivers etc.

Mommie Dearest in Devon 03/03/17 12:37

Rain Shadow .... I was there from noon to getting on to 4pm and the majority of customers seemed to be locals. From 1pm it seemed to be workers grabbing lunch. A 3 course meal for 8 euros is a big incentive. The music in the background was 60's and 70's stuff ....... just loud enough to enjoy and still be able to carry on a conversation. I wouldn't say it was Bohemian but maybe the evening customers bring a different atmosphere altogether.

At the far end it opens out into another room. There are "cave-paintings" of horses and birds, a man wearing a loin cloth and a woman similarly clothed. He's holding a spear and there are fish hanging from his belt. I have wonderful A4 sized photographs of it.  I wish I was there right now.

Mommie Dearest in Devon 03/03/17 12:21

Hi Deacon ....... and you don't see anybody falling-down drunk.

deacon 03/03/17 11:40

This must be a peaceful watering hole. I never seen anyone with their knuckles dragging on the ground resembling a bouncer here.

Rain Shadow 02/25/17 18:04

This always seems like a regular hangout for hipsters.  M D, does is have a Bohemian ambience?

Mommie Dearest in Devon 02/24/17 12:43

Hi Indigo ..... no we don't.

bones 02/24/17 11:51

nice drinking hole

indigo 02/24/17 09:45

Do we need this kind of language ?

a Cattery a man at 02/23/17 14:59

i fucking added this to mt fav

Mommie Dearest in Devon 02/22/17 15:30

Hi Deacon .... the things some people will do for attention.  :D

16 months since I sat in this bar.  Seems like last week.

deacon 02/22/17 15:10

Seen a guy approach the camera with a ladder to adjust. Funny thing, it wasn't crooked to begin with. I think he just wanted a big picture of his head to go over the web.


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