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Bar Oviso

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Comments (1126)

MD 05/03/19 20:41

Hi MH.  It is a lovely place .....  I've been here.

M H 05/03/19 20:00

seems like a nice place if I only had friends

MD 03/05/19 11:49

Hi feral ...... long time no see.  I've left messages here and there for you. 

Yes ...... drools!!!!   He has a nice voice too.

I hope you are keeping well.

feralorchid 03/05/19 11:37

My Niece got him to wave at me...drool!

MD 02/26/19 18:06

He looks even nicer in the flesh.  LOL!

Blue Grass 02/26/19 16:01

I wonder where braid man is?  I miss him on the day shift.

MD 01/23/19 13:02

I was in Barcelona last January and it wasn't too cold.  I've sat in this bar and it's deceptively warm.  It's a lovely place.  :D

Yv Blabla 01/23/19 12:57

it looks freeeeezing in there

MD 01/18/19 10:19

And I missed them!

feralorchid 12/25/18 12:34

Happy thingy everyone! My Niece and her hubby are in the bar right now, and waving to me! 

MD 10/26/18 13:52

A demi of Estrella would go down very nicely right now.

MD 10/25/18 10:27


indigo 10/25/18 08:34

MD, Yes I sent it on the 23rd I think, I thought it funny I had not heard from you.

I will meet you on the bridge in East Berlin, haha...


MD 10/24/18 21:44

Hi indigo ......  I've received an email that I'm hoping is from you.  Please can you confirm that you sent one before I dish out my email address.  What a laugh.  I feel like Mata Hari.    LOL!!!!!

MD 10/23/18 15:53

Hi indigo ....... finally!!!!!!   Send your email to the link below ...... it will definitely work.  For preference  ...... put Opentopia as the subject but I'll still get the email if you don't.   I'm looking forward to hearing from you.  :D

There aren't any numbers in the address

MD 10/22/18 18:27

Hi indigo .......  don't worry.  I'll put a better link tomorrow.

indigo 10/22/18 17:24

MD, I think we better forget our plan, I dont know what I am doing...

Moose 10/22/18 13:28

MD or indigo... One of you might want to contact the webmaster and ask them to scrub that last post off of here.

indigo 10/22/18 11:53

MD, Opentopia indigo @ yahoocom I am not sure what I am doing, how do you get my address from that ?

MD 10/22/18 10:23

Hi indigo ........

nurpl3purpl3 at gmail dot com”, it won’t get so much spam because it won’t be ‘scrapable’ by bots who hunt for email addresses.

  (3s as Es are the only digits. The ells are ells, not ones.)  So all you have to do is insert @ instead of "at" and . instead of dot. The above is what my daughter emailed to me ...... nice and simple because she knows that I'm old and dim.  :D If you just put Opentopia indigo as your first words it will be easily identified.  Then I can send you my email address.

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