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Bar Oviso

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Bar Oviso
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Bar Oviso

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Bar Oviso

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Bar Oviso

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Bar Oviso

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Comments (1015)

Temple Jogos 11/17/17 16:18

Thanks for your sharing. Your article is very useful, it gives me more understanding. And MD, when I look out the plane window - What do i see, I see the sea! <a href="" title="Run 3">run 3</a> 

indigo 11/11/17 12:06

I think he cut it off and is growing a new one.

indigo 11/09/17 12:24

Oh really..well it must be in his pocket cause I dont see it !

MD 11/08/17 12:18

Hi Indigo ...... he still has his braid. 

Feral ..... I hope you're having a lovely time in Malta ..... you lucky beggar.  :D

indigo 11/08/17 08:59

Am I seeing things or did the long braided man lose his braid ?

deacon 11/05/17 13:08

Wonder if they have a bouncer here to throw out the unruly ones?

feralorchid 11/03/17 13:55

Long braid man...yum yum...hello lovelies, hope you all ok. Off to Malta on Sunday, big hi MD! Lotsa luv, Feral xx

fatboyntexas 11/01/17 07:58

The short hair lady behind the  bar is sexy

MD 10/25/17 11:25

Hi Indigo ........ I just saw him. Must have had a late start.

indigo 10/25/17 09:43

Now the guy with the long braid on the back of his head that worked behind the bar is missing,?? What is happening here?

MD 10/19/17 18:53

Looking brighter in here.

MD 10/17/17 20:14

Moose ....... I'm happy with 50cl ...... a pint is less.    :D

Moose 10/17/17 19:56

Hi MD... I just had to sign in for the milestone.  I have no idea what that Ben business was about, but I do know that a pint is close enough to 50 cl that nobody would know the difference.

MD 10/17/17 19:13

Hi Indigo ....... a pint of Estrella would go down very nicely right now.  Actually ....... they do 25 and 50cl glasses but I wouldn't say no.   :D

MD 10/17/17 19:10

Moose ..... congratulations.   Haven't seen you for ages.

Moose 10/17/17 18:40

I just had to be the 1000th comment.

indigo 10/17/17 10:15

Looks like they cleaned the lens but forgot to turn the camera around...

Gee MD, cant wait to see you wave again, have a Pint on me!!

Bertollie 10/17/17 09:15

Please turn the camera !

MD 10/17/17 01:07

I'll try to give you an extra big wave.  LOL!!!!

Jime 10/17/17 00:45

And MD, when I look out the plane window - What do i see, I see the sea!


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