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Bar Oviso
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Bar Oviso

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Bar Oviso

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Bar Oviso

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Bar Oviso

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Comments (910)

Mommie Dearest in Devon 05/25/17 14:32

Moose ......  I was here at noon  ...... hardly time to get my beer goggles on.  :D

Moose 05/25/17 13:36

Like they say, Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder.

Mommie Dearest in Devon 05/24/17 22:50

* served ..... not serves.

Mommie Dearest in Devon 05/24/17 22:14

Maybe the girls work while their children are at school.  I didn't see any slimy looking dudes when I was there. The guy who serves us was anything but slimy.  :D

Moose 05/24/17 18:06

Why is it mostly girls working on day shift and these slimy looking dudes working the later shift?

deacon 05/24/17 14:29

Harvey Wallbanger knocked the camera out of position again.

indigo 05/18/17 08:12

Rain shadow, thanks...

Rain Shadow 05/13/17 00:21

Indigo, here is the Rough Guide link for you, lots to see and do

Mommie Dearest in Devon 05/12/17 13:17

Hi Indigo ...... I've always gone by road to Barcelona but Google says it's about 8 miles from the airport. The Oviso is in a pedestrianised area. We got there by walking down Las Ramblas, turned left into Carrer dels Escudellers and then into Place George Orwell but I should think a taxi might be able to get near via a backstreet route.

indigo 05/12/17 10:14

MD, how far is Oviso Bar from the airport ?

Mommie Dearest in Devon 05/11/17 14:35

Hi Silver Squirrel ...... how lovely to be doing a DNA tour.

Silver Squirrel 05/11/17 02:47

Sorry Avon those question marks.  I'm not sure where they came from!

Silver Squirrel 05/11/17 02:46

Thanks, Rain.  I'll check it out. ????????☺️

Rain Shadow 05/10/17 21:56

You have many treats in store then, Silver Squirrel.  Here is a useful link from one of my favorite travel websites

Silver Squirrel 05/10/17 21:41

Rain and MD.  My husband and I will visit Copenhagen in late November (part of my DNA tour) and will happily make acquaintance with any Flemmings or Funches.  ????????☺️

Rain Shadow 05/10/17 19:00

Indeed he does, M D.  As that CV of his you shared recently mentioned, a Dane who moved to the USA then settled in France.  And it sounds like you 'dodged a bullet' with that tv show request.

Mommie Dearest in Devon 05/10/17 16:43

Flemming lives in Toulouse.  I used to live an hour's drive away. We have discussed the area. Also ..... at one time a woman from a UK tv station left comments asking for people on Opentopia to be filmed for a prog that was to be made. Flemming asked me if I would do it. I looked in to what progs this woman had been involved with before and told Flemming that it would be a prog that slated Opentopia viewers for spying on unsuspecting people. At that time there were a lot of "home" cams and the odd naked men. I said I thought it would be bad publicity.  Just think of how many trolls we would have had.  :D

Rain Shadow 05/10/17 15:12

Silver Squirrel, we shall have to pass on all future troll wrangling to M D, as she seems to have the private hotline to Mr Funch.  By ths way, I understand 'Flemming' and 'Funch' are fairly common names in Denmark, where he hails from.  As we ourselves live in a nation of immigrants, I have actually come across far more examples of comical and bizarre names right here in America.

Silver Squirrel 05/10/17 03:56

Thanks M D and Rain for the information.   Flemming Funch?  Omg.  I'm truly laughing out loud.  Can you imagine being Mrs. Funch, with that name?   But thank you A bunch, Mr. Funch.  

Mommie Dearest in Devon 05/09/17 21:30

Hi Silver Squirrel.  The official route is to email

Years ago I emailed and Flemming Funch one of the founders, emailed me privately.  During the recent spate of trolls .... I used the official route and nothing happened. I remembered keeping Flemming's private email address so I found it out and emailed him directly.  Within a couple of hours .... comments disappeared and so did trolls.  I love Opentopia. We don't want trolls spoiling it.  :D


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