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Comments (848)

Mommie Dearest in Devon 02/22/17 15:30

Hi Deacon .... the things some people will do for attention.  :D

16 months since I sat in this bar.  Seems like last week.

deacon 02/22/17 15:10

Seen a guy approach the camera with a ladder to adjust. Funny thing, it wasn't crooked to begin with. I think he just wanted a big picture of his head to go over the web.

Mommie Dearest in Devon 02/19/17 13:03

Indigo .... I'd certainly treat you to a scotch.  I remember you saying ages ago that you were doing that painting ........ wasn't it a view on one of the cams?   I've been to Austria several times. It really is a beautiful place.

indigo 02/19/17 12:46

Hi MD, all is well here, I finally finished my painting of the Austrian Alps, wish I was with you at the bar, I will have a scotch neat...

Mommie Dearest in Devon 02/17/17 16:34

Hi Indigo ..... I hope you are well.

I wish I was back in this bar.

Mommie Dearest in Devon 02/12/17 23:38

Cheers.   :D

49204 02/12/17 23:10
49204 02/12/17 23:09

Sending a raised glass to all - from Terrell Texas *S*


Mommie Dearest in Devon 01/21/17 14:47

Hi Indigo .... I'm lucky ..... I live a few minutes walk from my daughter. I spend Christmas with her and we exchange several silly gifts. My son lives in Wales so we exchange gifts via post.

I know exactly what you mean about your truck .... you've invested too much money in it to part with it. So .... with your truck and IBS, 2016 didn't do you any favors. We can only hope 2017 brings better things.

As for taking a trip ..... I really have to find one. My passport expires at the end of the year and I want to make at least one trip before that.

And Mira ...... we all miss her ..... she was very knowledgeable, helpful and fun. On the 27th November 2013, on The Bench cam, she said she had decided to say goodbye to us as she was spending too much time on here. A few months later she was back and her last comment was posted on the 12th March last year so ....... we can hope that she will come back.

indigo 01/21/17 13:38

Hi MD, we dont trade gifts anymore except for the kids so I got nothing, poor me...haha. Since they are scattered across the country we dont get togeather too often and the kids get my gifts through the mail or UPS.                     

I had a lousy year with the constant repairs of my truck and it got to the point wear I have too much $ stuck in it to get rid of it. Catch 22 type of thing. And then the IBS thing came along...well lets hope this year is better.

How about you, everything ok ? Are you taking a trip this year ? Have you heard anything from Mira. ? I always enjoyed the conversations the two of you had.

Mommie Dearest in Devon 01/20/17 12:31

Hi Indigo ..... I'm fine ..... plodding on. I'm sorry to hear about your IBS ...... very nasty. I wish you a healthier 2017. This is the first time we've spoken since Christmas ....... I hope Santa brought you lots of goodies.  :D

indigo 01/20/17 10:26

Hi MD, wish I were there with you...hope you are feeling ok...I am getting over a bout of IBS...hope this year is better than last year.

Mommie Dearest in Devon 01/18/17 11:51

Hi Indigo ...... I wish I was here.  Sigh ......

Mommie Dearest in Devon 01/08/17 21:51

Blue Grass ...... pleased to meet you. I can recommend the pastis at this place and the measures of all drinks are very good.  :D

Blue Grass 01/08/17 21:44

After reading comments on chip chan and Susan's LJ, I needed a drink.

Rain Shadow 12/26/16 17:24

It is certainly gratifying to see Susan's camera dethrone Chip "toenail fungus" Chan's camera from the top trending spot.

meow fubar 12/26/16 11:19
indigo 12/22/16 08:41

MD, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,

and the same to all of you Oviso patrons.

Mommie Dearest in Devon 12/18/16 17:19

Rain Shadow ..... there are so many lovely places on that link. I shall have to look at them tomorrow when it's daylight.

Deacon .... nice link. I'm guessing you've swapped beaches for snow scenes. The bliss of Opentopia is that when you've chilled out with the snow cams ... you can always find a warming sunny cam.

Rain Shadow 12/18/16 16:27

Deacon, if you like beach views, Skyline also has some good cameras


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