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Bar Oviso

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Comments (1246)

MD 01/30/20 01:39

It must be a relief. 

stargzr 01/30/20 00:21

Hey, we got peoples !

MD 01/07/20 21:51

That's better  ......  a few more people.

stargzr 01/07/20 21:13


MD 12/29/19 23:33

Looking busier ..... thank goodness.

MD 12/29/19 17:02

Hi Indigo .........   don't get stir crazy,  do some painting ...... and I don't mean decorating.  :D

Almost 5 years since we discussed meeting up in this bar for a drink.  Never mind ...... I turned up and had a drink for you.  LOL!!!!!!!!!

MD 12/29/19 16:57

Hi Stargzr ......  I agree with every word.  There's simply no point in regretting things you did but can't change.  You put a link to Shawn a while ago and I found more on Youtube.  He sounds like a man who's had some big disaster in his life.

stargzr 12/28/19 01:24

Atta girl.   :-}

MD 12/28/19 01:17

Ps .....  I never feel guilty.  :D

MD 12/28/19 01:10

I've just sent the karaoke link to BJ.  :D

The Times Square cam will be good on the day/night.

Yikes .... this singer is giving me earache.  No wonder he ain't got nobody!!!!

stargzr 12/28/19 00:55

Getting ready for the big event.....2020.

stargzr 12/28/19 00:20

LOL......that's why I never start a diet, so I won't feel guilty about breaking it!

I would kill for some tiramisu right now.   :D

MD 12/28/19 00:12

Baklava is divine.   BJ and I will be having turkey, pork, sausages wrapped in bacon and roasted vegetables .... same as we had for Christmas.  I get a turkey crown so no legs or wings to faff with.  Pork and turkey has all gone.  We never have much left over. LOL    BJ isn't a fan of Christmas cake but I am so I've got Christmas cake up here and we have tiramisu at BJ's.   On January the 2nd I shall start my annual diet and by January the 4th or 5th it will be over.  :D

stargzr 12/27/19 23:09

Oh that looks delicious !!!  Ex mother-in-law was Syrian and made the most scrumptious baklava, similar.

What'll you be having for the holiday this year?

MD 12/27/19 22:44

By midnight we'd dined ....... and this is a delicious dessert:

Thinking about it .....  I'm surprised  I can remember New Year traditions. LOL!  We always went inclusive .... food and drink included in the price.  The Spanish look after old people.  Although we weren't Spanish .... we were charged the "jubilado" rate in hotels.  That's a cheap rate for pensioners. They just checked out passports to make sure we were pensioners. A vast saving.  So of course ..... what you save on one thing ... you spend on something else.  I have a fine collection of tins that once contained Spanish or French chocolates.  Every one is a lovely memory and they are useful in the kitchen.

stargzr 12/27/19 22:21

HA !!!!  One could probably eat anything by that time.  On the other hand, for a vegetarian, grapes and cold lentils sounds pretty routine.  Hee.

MD 12/27/19 22:00

I love New Year in Spain.  You have to eat 12 grapes at midnight ...... one on each chime of the clock.  That was in one hotel.  Another hotel had us put out wedding rings in our tipple and drink up at midnight .... avoiding swallowing the ring.  We celebrated New Year several times with an Italian family ..... in Spain on vacation.  Matriach insisted we had to eat lentils at midnight.  The kitchen supplied her with a dish of cold lentils and several spoons.  Can you imagine eating grapes and cold lentils at midnight???   Having said that ..... we were all a bit squiffy by that time.  LOL!!!


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