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Comments (934)

MD 07/15/17 17:51

Rain Shadow ..... I could go and fly my kite!  I've just done a bit of research and I would probably enjoy this place.  I'm not one for lying on the beach all day but El Medano has some eateries that sound interesting.

MD 07/15/17 12:32

Hi Indigo .... I have heart problems too ..... darned nuisance but we keep going ....... and we keep laughing. The only trip I have planned at the moment is to go and visit my son in Wales. He lives on the coast. His partner works in a hotel, in admin, so I'm going to have very reduced rate luxury stay. At least ..... that's the plan. I still have hopes of finding a last minute bargain holiday but I haven't found anywhere with an Opentopia cam!   :D

indigo 07/15/17 10:04

Hi MD, having heart problems but still walking on the earth, and can still laugh. Hope you are doing well, did you ever go on a trip this year ?

MD 07/13/17 12:26

Hi Indigo .... hope you are well.

Rain Shadow 07/06/17 15:26

I have been enjoying browsing through the Lonely Planet website.  Here is Spain

Silver Squirrel 07/04/17 19:53

If traveling were free, I'd never be home!

MD 07/03/17 21:24

It was beautiful but I was quite happy to move to somewhere more animated. There was a limit to my enthusiasm for watching grapes and sunflowers grow. We moved to St Raphael and then on to Port Grimaud. I miss both of those places.

Rain Shadow 07/03/17 20:05

Then you will also enjoy this  Do you ever wish you were still living there?

MD 07/03/17 19:46

Rain Shadow ..... our first house in France was in the foothills of the Pyrenees!  Commercialism has missed the area ....... it's mainly natural, rugged beauty. We had no English tv for 7 years. It was another world.

Rain Shadow 07/03/17 18:45

Continuing the travel theme, a very nice Pyrenees video 

MD 07/02/17 15:58

Rain Shadow .... I went on my first holiday abroad (without parents) when I was 15. I got the travel bug. On tv I often see places that I've visited ..... it's lovely. I agree about xenophobia. It annoys me when British people buy homes abroad and form a clique.  I think when in Rome ........

Rain Shadow 07/02/17 15:36

I can just make out the lower half of it, M D  A beautiful place.  It is nice to have foreign travel memories to look back on, especially as we get older and less fit.  Many Americans have never even left their state, let alone traveled abroad.  Personally, I am a firm believer in travel broadening the mind and I am sure there would be far less xenophobia in the world.

MD 07/02/17 12:20

Hi Indigo ..... I was thinking the same about you. I'm well ...... enjoying the sunny weather. I hope you are doing ok. Wouldn't it be fun to be at the Oviso right now ...... drinking a cold beer.  :D

MD 07/02/17 12:17

Rain Shadow ... nice link. I love the Milan cam. I have a photo of myself at 17, taken in front of the cathedral. There's a figure on top of the cathedral ..... I believe it's about 15ft tall, looks gold plated. You'd be able to see it if the cam was just tilted slightly.

indigo 07/02/17 07:57

MD..Have not ran into you lately, are you doing ok ?

Rain Shadow 07/01/17 23:31
MD 06/21/17 00:00

I mentioned that their airconditioning consisted of opening the door right at the far end of the bar  .... and wedging it open with a beer crate. I'm sure the fan was working when I was there. The door nearest the camera (out of shot) opens onto a square. There are loads of tables and chairs out there belonging to the bar. They are able to leave them outside all night. You wouldn't dare do that in the UK ....... they'd all be gone by morning.  :D

Rain Shadow 06/20/17 23:41

M D, do I recall you saying that the fans did not work in this place?  I do not see that one on the wall working so it must be very hot in there with the current heatwave.

Rain Shadow 06/03/17 17:33

I see somebody whacked the camera.


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