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Bar Oviso
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Bar Oviso

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Bar Oviso

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Bar Oviso

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Bar Oviso

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Comments (1285)

Ed Hilver 05/24/20 18:30

Good idea:))

MD 05/23/20 17:14

Me too  ..... with a few fries and some scampi.  :D

Ed Hilver 05/22/20 20:08

Ok i would like the saled. :)

MD 05/21/20 22:09

They do a veggie burger   .......

Ed Hilver 05/20/20 10:14

Oh, if i was here i would have the Vegetarian Friendly, :D

MD 05/19/20 19:37

Hi Ed .... I don't know what you had when you were there but I had their 3 course menu for 8 euros.  It was delicious .......  I won't mention how many drinks .......  but I'm sure the Opentopia viewers were counting!   :D

Ed Hilver 05/19/20 18:30

Ok :)

MD 05/19/20 17:02

Mine are real photos, framed   ...... up on my wall. I really must dust them some day.  LOL!

Ed Hilver 05/19/20 15:05

Yes, i also have some photographs of this somwhare on my phone :)

MD 05/19/20 14:07

Hi JimE ......  I agree with you.  I have photographs of the interior.  The wall behind the bar is painted dark blue with a flock of 8 white birds flying across.  At the far end ..... where the work is going on ......  the wall on the right has 2 horses and a flock of birds. Also ..... a native lady from ancient times.  On the opposite wall is a native fisherman ..... no fishing rod .... a spear ..... and he has a belt with fish hanging from it.  It's very atmospheric.  I really hope they don't change it.

JimE 05/18/20 18:25

Looks like they are doing some work on the interior walls during this shut down.  I hope they don't ruin the 'charm' of this place.  IMO

Ed Hilver 05/16/20 18:47

Oh yes :D

deacon 05/14/20 16:03

Looks like the two ghosts in the picture are watching the bar.

MD 05/13/20 17:25

Hi Deacon .....  Barcelona has to wait until next week ..... hopefully Monday.

deacon 05/12/20 14:15

I see one person bellied up to the bar. Maybe they are going to open.

Ed Hilver 05/07/20 13:14

I miss seeing people on here

Riley Hammond 05/06/20 12:29

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MD 05/02/20 18:54

Hi Bert .....  I agree, it has to get better.  Catalonia has been one of the worst hit areas in Europe.

Bert.S 05/02/20 15:15

Much to dark, hope for better 

Bert.S 05/02/20 15:15

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