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Bar Oviso

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Bar Oviso

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Comments (1079)

Moose 03/21/18 10:37

Hi indigo... I'm not exactly sure what you are seeing, but I have watched them bring in some unbrellas at closing time.  I guess in the dark they looked spooky.

indigo 03/21/18 07:38

What is this...ghost busters ? Never seen this here before...How about it Moose. am I seeing things ?

How you doing MD ? Did you get over the sickness ? I ok, 78 this year, never thought I would live this long.

MD 03/20/18 02:02


Moose 03/20/18 01:19

Write slow 'cause I can't read fast.

MD 03/20/18 01:17

I'll start writing a list.     :D

Moose 03/20/18 01:12

Anything for you, MD.

MD 03/19/18 12:02

Yaaaaaay!   Thanks Moose.

Moose 03/19/18 11:06

The red alert notice is now gone.  It is now searchable again and listed in the lists.

MD 03/18/18 13:23

LOL!!!!   I always think of that as the office cam.

Moose 03/18/18 13:06

And get your mind out of the gutter!  That is my territory.

Moose 03/18/18 13:05

MD... This one is always on the trending list, at least during business hours in the UK.

MD 03/18/18 12:34

Hi Indigo ..... good to see you.

MD 03/18/18 12:34

Hi Moose .......  the Girls Working cam?   I don't know which one you mean.  I'm sure it won't be a "working girls" cam.  :D

Moose 03/18/18 12:08

Hi Indigo... This cam and the Girls Working cam get so busy sometimes that you can't get in.  The actual webcam from their homepage will give an error and say "Maximum number of clients already reached" or something.  Sometimes hitting Refresh a few times will let you sneak in, or just coming back in a few minutes.  The webmaster has not done anything yet about the red alert at the top of the page.

indigo 03/18/18 11:13

MD, I could not get into Oviso for 2 days, but got in today, although it still says they are having trouble. I think Moose got it fixed by contacting web master.

Moose 03/17/18 18:35

I just notified the webmaster that this cam is marked as not working.  Maybe they will fix it.

Moose 03/16/18 20:05

What an excellent idea!  I should try that sometime.

MD 03/16/18 19:13

I have all the cams but in no particular order.  I often treat myself to a chuckle at old comments.   :D

Moose 03/16/18 19:04

That pesky red note at the top of the screen again!

MD 03/16/18 16:40

Hi Moose ...... it works fine for me but if you go to All Cams, click on Spain ..... you won't find this cam.  I had to go in to my archives.  If Indigo hasn't got it in his archives ...... then he won't get to see one of his favourite cams.  So I shall probably do the same again tomorrow.   :D


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