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Bar Oviso
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Bar Oviso

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Bar Oviso

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Bar Oviso

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Bar Oviso

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Comments (1308)

MD 07/10/20 02:09

Gente loca.

China Cat 07/10/20 00:52

Wow, they are open and crowded without masks!

MD 07/07/20 03:39

How unusual that they've brought the chairs in, they're usually in the courtyard under the parasols.  I've just read that some areas near Barcelona are going back into lock down. 

MD 07/07/20 03:36

Homely  ... at least doing the deep clean yourself you can feel confident that it's been done correctly.  And just think of all those extra divorces the extra wait has encouraged.  LOL!

Homely 06/18/20 03:16

Well, yes, MD. Better safe than sorry. I ended up personally doing the deep clean in my office before we reopened to staff to make sure things were okay. One of my people quit instead of coming back. I get it. But we had to reopen - too much work to do to stay shut away! 

MD 06/17/20 19:09

Actually they go out in the day.  LOL


Ed Hilver 06/17/20 15:52

There gone again they must come out at night.

MD 06/17/20 15:41

Maybe they're spirits.  After all .... it is a bar.  :D

Ed Hilver 06/17/20 08:58

I like the ghosts!

deacon 06/17/20 02:02

The "ghosts" are back.

deacon 06/16/20 01:14

Patrons are too close for my comfort level and no masks. Hard to drink through a mask however. Myself, I would rather have a bottle of Crown Royal in the safety of my home.

Ed Hilver 06/14/20 23:28

Ok i just saw a police man...

Ed Hilver 06/14/20 23:27

Im gonna get the vegie berger 

MD 06/14/20 16:42

Hi Homely .... better safe than sorry.

Homely 06/14/20 15:33

Very glad to see this place open again! My county has been singled out by our governor as "needing more time" so we are still significantly shut down. However, I was able to shop at Target yesterday for the first time since March!

Ed Hilver 06/14/20 09:59

Me too... i wish it was back to normal.

Kendaren 06/13/20 16:25

This used to be crowded place, now I can only see four people, all with masks. I wonder how they drink. The bars are open in Finland, but they stop serving at 22.00 and close 23.00. The epidemic is over. I hate covid-19

Ed Hilver 06/12/20 08:53


MD 06/12/20 01:34

Yes!   It wasn't a room as such .....  just a sort of short corridor not much wider than the doorway.  Shelves with stock. I do wonder if some staff used it as a hidey hole.  :D

JimE 06/12/20 01:17

Remarkable job of camouflaging that new wall construction!


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