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Bar Oviso
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Bar Oviso

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Bar Oviso

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Comments (1215)

MD 12/07/19 02:09

Good to see it so busy.

stargzr 12/07/19 00:22

* frolickers

stargzr 12/07/19 00:18

Friday night frolicers.   :)

MD 12/04/19 17:34

A big improvement but not quite enough.

MD 12/04/19 00:15

That's the one.† LOLOL!

stargzr 12/04/19 00:03

Would that be the one closest to the cute guy tending bar?

MD 12/03/19 23:59

You'd be waiting a long time for the cam angle to change.† :D

Seriously ...... it does need changing ......† I can't see my favorite seat.

stargzr 12/03/19 23:25

Oh I have faith in you !! †hahahahaha

MD 12/03/19 23:16

The cam is about 15 ft from the floor.† I'd have to be drunk to climb that high. LOL

stargzr 12/03/19 23:08

Whoever focused this cam stayed a little too long at the bar.

MD 12/02/19 23:50

This camera angle is no good.

MD 12/01/19 02:18

Good.†† It's been pretty quiet during the day.

stargzr 12/01/19 00:50

Saturday night partiers.....yay!

MD 11/28/19 13:16

It hasn't been the same since the protests.† I think the last one was on the 9th of November but prior to that there had been fires in the main street and quite a bit of violence.† No matter which way you go to the bar, you have to go down a series of narrow alley ways.† Maybe ok in daylight but possibly a bit risky at night.† Having said that† ....† I'm absolutely sure it will get back to business as usual.

stargzr 11/28/19 02:09

I don't just hasn't been the same for ages. †I'm hoping business will pick up eventually.

MD 11/27/19 23:11

Hi JimE† ....... it's my favorite tipple.† A local shop was closing down and they reduced everything to get rid of it.† I got some good wine bargains ..... not all Merlot but I can live with that.† :D

JimE 11/27/19 21:54

Hi MD, Merlot, now we're talking!

MD 11/09/19 02:01

Friday night in the pub ..... half the wages gone before they get home.† LOL!!!!

stargzr 11/09/19 01:44

Yay......a full house !!!

MD 11/08/19 03:31

It's a long day.


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