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Bar Oviso
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Bar Oviso

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Bar Oviso

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Bar Oviso

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Bar Oviso

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Comments (1099)

MD 08/24/18 10:48

Lunch and a cold Estrella Damm would go down very nicely.

MD 08/18/18 13:37

Hi Indigo ....... you lucky fella.   :D

I'm thinking I might come to Barcelona in January.  I have A4 sized photographs of the Oviso in my living room.  I think it's time I paid another visit.  I take a look at this cam every day and it always makes me wish I was there.

indigo 08/18/18 11:59

Yes, thanks MD, the casino gods were good to me for a change...Haha.

Hope you are well, doing any traveling ??

MD 08/17/18 14:21

Hi Indigo ........ I hope you enjoyed your birthday. 

MD 05/15/18 19:33

Hi Megan ..... no sound on any of the cams.

Megan More 05/15/18 19:00

Does anyone know if you can have sound?

Moose 05/13/18 15:12

I saw four brollies on the cam one night.  Also, indigo's screen shot is now m-4, and soon to be gone.

MD 05/13/18 11:48

Hi Indigo .......  I do remember.  They would definitely look like ghosts in the dark.  There must be several more out of cam sight. There's a paved area outside the bar with tables.  I wish I was there right now.  :D

indigo 05/13/18 10:07

MD, this explains the ghost's I saw, remember ?

indigo 05/13/18 09:47

These are my ghost's I saw back when.

MD 04/30/18 10:41

Hi Indigo ...... I have live feed at the moment but I know what you mean.  I'm sure you'll look in at the bar from time to time but thanks for letting me know your plans for Nelly's and the Basilica.  We don't want to lose touch. I bet your latest grandchild is growing up rapidly.

indigo 04/30/18 10:29

Hi MD, I am dropping Bar Oviso as a contact as it is very hard to get on it anymore, its a pain in the butt. I will be on Nelly's and or St. Stephen's Basilica, hope to hear from you...

indigo 04/13/18 07:48

Guy working on camera this morn...with camera working...

MD 04/08/18 14:41

I agree.  Sign of the times ...... Deacon ..... we must be getting old.   :D

deacon 04/07/18 18:07

Look at all those phones in hand.. A sad sight to me.

MD 03/31/18 14:39


Moose 03/31/18 13:27

This cam dropped out yesterday, both here and on the direct feed, and now the red alert is back.  Aaaargh!

indigo 03/27/18 09:52

Yes Moose, thats what they were, it looked like they were hanging from the ceiling but they were not. It was kind of spooky at the time. Thanks for your input.

Moose 03/22/18 14:54

I never saw anything hanging from the ceiling, but the outdoor umbrellas are white and about 8 feet tall.  They bring them in at night and put them right by the end of the bar.  They look quite bizarre after lights out.

indigo 03/22/18 10:29

No Moose, there were 3 white sheets hanging from the ceiling when I checked in yesterday morning, either large table cloths or window drapes or what ever. darndest thing I ever saw...


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