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Bar Oviso
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Bar Oviso

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Bar Oviso

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Bar Oviso

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Bar Oviso

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Comments (981)

Rain Shadow 09/17/17 15:39

Jime, here is that Spanish resort's pool camera direct link again, in case you forgot to bookmark it before  Another one of those odd situations where the camera works on the host's page but not on Opentopia

Jime 09/14/17 23:21

Thanks for 'The Bench' MD.  And Moose thanks for Chip-Chan's - I thought she had confused me for the last five years.  Now she has me totally flummoxed! 

MD 09/10/17 16:11

Hi Jime ...... as Rain Shadow put before ..... The Bench:

Moose 09/10/17 15:50

Hi Jime... Here is the link for Chip Chan, in case you want to save it.  It still is active sometimes, but OT does not know it.

MD 08/30/17 11:44

Hi Indigo ......

That's a lovely cam. It's such a shame that we've lost Kouty nad Desnou. Hopefully it will come back.

indigo 08/30/17 09:44

Hi MD- webcam # 6043 is up and running again, have not been there since 2015. I cant get the other one now.

MD 08/22/17 11:24

Stargzr ........ that is a superb link. I've spent about an hour looking at the Dlugi Targ and Mottawa cams. On Dlugi I watched the people go by ...... on Mottawa I watched boats/ships.  I shall be keeping that link forever. Brilliant.

Rain Shadow 08/22/17 04:39

That is a good link Stargzr, but I am thinking Jime means the Opentopia page  Like Chip-Chan's page, it has that red message at the top even though the camera is working, which means it does not show up on the Opentopia home page.

stargzr 08/22/17 02:38
Jime 08/22/17 02:29

Hi MD, is there a direct link to the Internet Bench?  I'm missing all the info now that Chip Chan appears to be gone from Opentopia.  If you know of a link could you please post it here?  Thanks, JimE.

MD 08/18/17 19:08

I see that drinks are being taken to the tables outside.

We can't let terrorists win and the only way is to carry on as near normal as possible.

Rain Shadow 08/18/17 18:42

It certainly looks quieter here at the moment, but at least they are open for business as usual.

Rain Shadow 08/18/17 18:40

Today they said defiant tourists and locals alike returned to the shops, cafes and bars in this area.  Good for them.

Rain Shadow 08/17/17 18:36

On the tv news, they just briefly shared part of the video clip showing the bodies on the ground. It was horrific.  Sadly, this is the kind of 'low-tech' terrorism that is becoming the norm now.  M D, I do agree that it should not put one off traveling, even though this kind of thing can literally happen anywhere now.  Just try to be extra vigilant.

MD 08/17/17 17:15

The Oviso is off the Carrer dels Escudellers, which is a turning to the right, just off the bottom of that picture.

Rain Shadow 08/17/17 16:29

This BBC report shows an aerial photo of the affected area

MD 08/17/17 16:09

Hi Rain Shadow ..... I should think that's the reason. I have to walk along Las Ramblas to get to The Oviso. It's a pedestrianised street. It won't put me off going ..... I'll just be sure to walk close to the buildings and be aware of my surroundings.

Rain Shadow 08/17/17 15:48

You are welcome, Indigo.

M D, I wonder if the lack of people, and now the camera being offline, has anything to do with this

MD 08/17/17 10:29

Hi Indigo ....... 12.30pm and not a customer in sight. I guess they are all sitting outside in the sunshine. I see a girl doing a tray of drinks to take out.


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