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Comments (1034)

indigo 01/14/18 09:20

I am not able to actually go to the open, but I watch every game I can get, and sit and sweat with the players, !!

15280 01/12/18 11:56

Waving back at you.  LOL

indigo 12/31/17 10:34

Getting ready to get some heat at the aussie open in 2 weeks, cant wait...

Moose 12/14/17 13:49

Oh yeah.  Christmas.  Reindeer hats.  That makes sense I guess.

MD 12/14/17 13:05

Maybe something to do with Christmas?   My daughter is going to work in a Christmas sweater and hat with jingle bells on it.

Moose 12/14/17 12:37

I wonder what the occasion is that the staff is wearing the pretty hats.

MD 12/11/17 12:44

Hi Indigo ...... hope you are well.  Nelly's cam is temporarly out of order but it should be back.  See Luc's comment.

indigo 12/11/17 11:10

Is everyone having trouble logging into Nelly's Cafe ?

MD 12/01/17 15:10

Hi Silver Squirrel ...... you can't go wrong with a Mercure hotel.  Banbury is a nice place and has a good market.

It's 42F and sunny where I am but feels much colder with the chilly breeze. I expect Banbury is about the same.

Calories on water don't count at all.   :D         

Silver Squirrel 12/01/17 15:00

MD.  Banbury is a lovely town.  Cold today but sunny.  Our hotel is Whatley Hall, which is historic and we are in Room 52, which we are told has a ghost in the sitting room.   Yes, we will definitely take another Viking River Cruise.  All the food!  I won’t count all those calories.  Going home tomorrow (Saturday).  We miss our two kitties.  And the warm weather!

MD 11/30/17 22:16

Hi Silver Squirrel ........ my friends live near Aylesbury and I get off the train at Banbury! I hope you have a lovely day tomorrow before your journey home.

  So would you recommend Viking Cruises?

Silver Squirrel 11/30/17 21:51

Hi MD.  My husband and I are in a cozy hotel in Banbury, England visiting friends.  We return to the States on Saturday. 


MD 11/26/17 13:29

I couldn't agree more.

deacon 11/26/17 11:58

Any day you can look down at the ground is a day to be thankful for.

MD 11/23/17 12:26

Hi Indigo ..... all is well with me.  Happy Thanksgiving.  I wish I had some roast duck. I tell you what ....... I'll have a drink in the Oviso for you and you have a slice of duck for me.  :D

deacon 11/23/17 12:00

MMMMMMMMMMM. Roast duck!

indigo 11/23/17 09:12

Hey MD, hope all is well with you, I have not seen much of you, we must be going different ways these days. Today is Thanksgiving here in the states, Im having roast duck, my favorite food. Happy Day to you...

MD 11/22/17 13:39

Hi Indigo ........ I'm sitting in my cosy armchair in South Devon.   :D

indigo 11/22/17 10:13

Where are you MD ?

Temple Jogos 11/17/17 16:18

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