Overlooking the beach from Restaurant L'Alguer

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Overlooking the beach from Restaurant L'Alguer
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Overlooking the beach from Restaurant L'Alguer

4 hours ago

Overlooking the beach from Restaurant L'Alguer

7 hours ago

Overlooking the beach from Restaurant L'Alguer

10 hours ago

Overlooking the beach from Restaurant L'Alguer

13 hours ago

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Comments (20)

Moose 05/25/17 13:08

MD...Looks like the chief archivist is taking a stroll down memory lane!

MD 05/25/17 13:02

Viva Opentopia!

MD 11/08/15 14:14

Hi 40185 ........ "bathe" has several definitions:


40185 11/08/15 01:26

When I was growing up, we talked about wearing a "bathing suit" when we went "swimming". Which is kind of funny when I think about it now.   "Bathing" was something done in a bath tub.

Mira Bilis 01/04/15 16:53

Pleasant view.

MD 10/05/14 15:54

A lovely sunny evening.

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 09/30/14 04:34

This is even pretty at night.

MD 08/18/14 14:40

I might have to take my soap and stuff with me next time I go to the beach!   LOL

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 08/18/14 14:36


MD 08/18/14 14:32

I can tell you... I'll be much more careful with the word "bathe" in future.  LOL

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 08/18/14 14:25

Lol, I think of swimming in the ocean as swimming and bathing as "taking a bath" lol.

MD 08/18/14 14:15

I'm still laughing!!!!  I looked up "to bathe" and it has many definitions, including both of ours!!



CAROL SCARBOROUGH 08/18/14 14:09

Lmao, well that is what I think of when I hear someone bathing.

MD 08/18/14 13:52

Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!  No soap. Oh how funny!!!!! I'm just picturing you imagining me soaping myself at 6pm.

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 08/18/14 13:46

Wow, I have never seen anyone here bathe in the ocean. Wait, are we talking about the same thing, lol? I mean like with soap and water.

MD 08/18/14 13:43

OMG!!!!!!  Carol, at times you can't find a space to swim, it's so full of people. I always found that about 6pm was the best time to go swimming. People who have been there all day tend to disappear at about that time.

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 08/18/14 13:30

So people really bathe in the ocean?

MD 08/18/14 13:25

Hi Carol...... it's not completely separate but it certainly is popular with bathers. Plus, the water always feels a bit warmer!

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 08/18/14 05:31

I love the little pond that separates this from the ocean. I live right by the ocean and won't go in cuz of Jaws. I don't think Jaws can get in here, lol.

MD 12/20/12 21:27

When I lived in France I used to spend the winters in Spain, not far from here. This is where I did my shopping.Wish I was there now!


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