M & D H Insurance Services Ltd - Head Office

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M & D H Insurance Services Ltd - Head Office
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M & D H Insurance Services Ltd - Head Office

4 hours ago

M & D H Insurance Services Ltd - Head Office

7 hours ago

M & D H Insurance Services Ltd - Head Office

10 hours ago

M & D H Insurance Services Ltd - Head Office

13 hours ago

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Comments (50)

Mommie Dearest in Devon 06/18/17 17:10

I would think the cam count is dropping because people are becoming more security conscious. The Webmaster can hardly compel them to let us watch.

Moose 06/18/17 16:35

Hi MD...If he doesn't want to be pestered, he should not put such things on the interweb where a country boy like me can find them in 5 seconds.  Also, the webmaster could be a little more responsive.  I was actually hoping for a response to my comment about the camera count dropping every day.  No such luck.

Mommie Dearest in Devon 06/18/17 16:29

Hi Moose .... well done.  I can understand Mr Funch not wanting to be pestered at his private email address. That's why I didn't contact him about this last lot of spam.

Moose 06/18/17 16:21

Well, imagine my amazement.  Mr. Funch replied to my email!  He was very polite and said that some of the spam had been deleted.  He also said that they don't usually read the comments and the webmaster email address is fine for such problems.  His reply was from that account, just to reinforce his point I suppose.

Moose 06/16/17 19:03

I just took a wild shot in the dark and sent an email to a couple of ffunch email addresses that are easily found on the interweb.  Not complaining about anything but merely noting that his brainchild is being abused and the camera count drops every day.  We will see if either address is still valid and elicits a response.

Rain Shadow 06/16/17 16:13

I am aware of that link M D, and I do use it.  But I do not have your "hotline" which seems to have proved more effective in the past.

Mommie Dearest in Devon 06/16/17 15:31

Rain Shadow .... I'm sure Flemming is fed up of hearing from me. On the home page, bottom right, there's a link to contact. Maybe Opentopia will appreciate having a new complainer.   :D

Rain Shadow 06/16/17 15:12

Perhaps we should refer to them as "Seagull Spammers."  M D, it might be worthwhile informing Mr Funch that there seems to be an uptick in spam/phishing activity on Opentopia.  Especially if some of the links lead to potentially harmful websites, which they often do.

Mommie Dearest in Devon 06/16/17 14:48

Moose ..... I joined the police force when I was 19 years old so my suspicious nature has been well honed  ...... mainly with good reason  ...... but it also helps me to recognise genuine people. It's just unfortunate that we get the odd ..... and I mean odd, few people stumble across Opentopia. Hopefully the novelty soon wears off ...... or they get Funched.  LOL!!!

Moose 06/16/17 14:30

Hi MD...I missed the anatomy references.  I am suspicious by nature and the list of links appeared on two pages at about the same time.  Your observation makes it pretty obvious.  I am glad that you trust my links!   :)

Mommie Dearest in Devon 06/16/17 13:54

Hi Moose.  I only ever click on links from people I know and trust, such as yourself.  2 of the links mention penis so I do wonder what you'd find if you clicked on the link.   LOL

Moose 06/16/17 13:06

These links smell of spam to me.  If anybody is brave enough to click on them, let me know.

37792 05/22/17 14:07

Yeah, but they're password protected now.

Mommie Dearest in Devon 05/22/17 12:32

Hi 37792 ..... I think this is the cam you miss:


Or maybe this one:


37792 05/22/17 09:40

Mommie Dearest, yeah, the office in Russia with the three ladies was my favorite! So sad it's gone!

Moose 05/21/17 17:09

Rain Shadow...I find it interesting that this cam is not on Insecam.  Here is the direct link to this cam from their web page, not as squished as the OT version.


Rain Shadow 05/21/17 15:51

Insecam still has a few office cameras left, although Sunday is not the best day for activity http://www.insecam.org/en/bytag/Office

Mommie Dearest in Devon 05/21/17 15:23

Hi Wolfcheck ..... there used to be several office cams ...... some in Russia. Very interesting. People-cams are fascinating ..... but not Chip Chan.   :D

wolfcheck 05/21/17 15:04

Interesting. The employees most certainly know about the webcam--the company has a link to it on their corporate website! Has pictures of the employees also, so that now I know the names of some of the more visible workers.

wolfcheck 05/21/17 15:01

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