M & D H Insurance Services Ltd - Head Office

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M & D H Insurance Services Ltd - Head Office
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M & D H Insurance Services Ltd - Head Office

5 hours ago

M & D H Insurance Services Ltd - Head Office

8 hours ago

M & D H Insurance Services Ltd - Head Office

11 hours ago

M & D H Insurance Services Ltd - Head Office

14 hours ago

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Comments (84)

MD 06/30/18 14:41

Oh ....... you mean working!    :D

wolfcheck 06/30/18 14:37

Looks like Abi and Connor are hard at it on a Saturday!

MD 06/16/18 17:33

Moose ....... the time at the top left of the picture is correct.

I wonder if that particular lady at the desk is working flexi-time.  I don't know if you do that in the US but in the UK some employers have a system where staff are contracted to do a certain amount of hours and can do the hours to suit themselves, any time, any day as long as they get the hours in.

Moose 06/16/18 17:06

There is a cleaning guy there, but there is also a woman sitting at the desk farthest to the left.  She is often the last one to leave, even after the cleaning crew, but I have never seen her on Saturday before.  I like to pop in sometimes at odd hours, they like to move the furniture around and that is kinda fun to watch.

Moose 06/16/18 17:03

Hi MD... When you say "their time" do you mean cam time or OT time?  If I google "Time in Bedford England" I get the same time it shows on the cam, but OT is an hour behind.  I know you live there and should know what time it is, but that is what I can find out without buying a ticket to Heathrow.

MD 06/16/18 15:23

Hi Moose ...... when I put 3.01 it was to do with your previous comment about the time.  I wasn't disputing that someone was working on a Saturday.  Looking at animations ...... I think it's the cleaning lady ...... looks like rubbish sacks to her left.

Moose 06/16/18 15:09

The animation shows the girl who was working when I posted earlier.

MD 06/16/18 14:02

Their time said 2.01

MD 06/16/18 14:01

It's 3.01

Moose 06/16/18 11:30

Working on Saturday!  How dedicated.

Moose 06/07/18 15:59

The Opentopia time is off by daylight saving time, but the time on the cam is correct.  Currently UTC+1.

Deathstalker 06/07/18 15:55

Nevermind. I got the Bedford time from a website, so it was wrong.

Deathstalker 06/07/18 15:53

I found out this site in UTC/ GMT.

Deathstalker 06/07/18 15:52

Bedford time would make it 16:00 not 15:00

Moose 06/07/18 15:41
Deathstalker 06/07/18 15:20

What time zone is this site on?

MD 05/25/18 20:35

You don't know what you're missing.   ;D

Moose 05/25/18 19:57

I have never heard of such a thing.  It seems rather dangerous, especially if you have to be told to "put your a$$ down and not your head"!  It makes spanking look pretty inviting, and even that is now against the law.

MD 05/25/18 17:33

Moose  ...... I thought it might confuse you so I Googled "birthday bumps" looking for a suitable link to explain it.  But Google showed this clip:


and the man who speaks sounds American so I assumed it must be commonplace in the US.   Every day we learn something new ..........

Moose 05/25/18 17:19

Hi MD... As usual your comment sent me scurrying to the internet to figure out what you were jabbering about.  The link below made me wonder how people survived their birthdays!  Being thrown into the air and dropped on the ground?  Why not throw into a volcano or something?  Looking back, I wonder how I survived at all sometimes.



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