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Keilir Golf Club - Putting Course
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Keilir Golf Club - Putting Course

5 hours ago

Keilir Golf Club - Putting Course

8 hours ago

Keilir Golf Club - Putting Course

11 hours ago

Keilir Golf Club - Putting Course

14 hours ago

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Comments (10)

MD 05/11/15 13:17

Have a good day.

kyle 05/11/15 13:02

Im browsing, got a new service and its very slow, cant be helped, just flexing my wings so to speak, top of the day to you

MD 05/11/15 12:55

Hi Kyle .... strange time of the day to see you here.

kyle 05/11/15 12:48

Might be called a playground for adults, but lots of teens here too, seems to me a good place to keep the idjits off the streets hahahaahah okay,  the golf gang

A very strange place for teens, in Golf you are expected to call all penalties on yourself, part of the true game, facinating human trait, kinda goes against the grain, but might explain the draw it has world wide. A hidden human trait, the need to be honest. gives a whole new slant on humanity huh!

nellys fan 12/17/14 18:38

a chip shot 2 metres from the pin? wtf

nellys fan 12/17/14 18:12

18 hole golf with central heating.

Mira Bilis 06/09/14 15:34

Why is there a guy lying on his back??

Mira Bilis 06/09/14 15:33

Putputput ......

MD 06/09/14 15:20

An indoor playground for adults!


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