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View from King-Albert-Tower on Spiegelwald
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View from King-Albert-Tower on Spiegelwald

5 hours ago

View from King-Albert-Tower on Spiegelwald

8 hours ago

View from King-Albert-Tower on Spiegelwald

11 hours ago

View from King-Albert-Tower on Spiegelwald

14 hours ago

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Comments (15)

MD 05/06/15 16:09

Thanks Mira .... what a lovely location - whichever way you look.

Mira Bilis 05/06/15 15:27

Here you go MD ... you can change the view yourself by clicking on their drop-down menu ...  :)

MD 05/06/15 15:04

As I got here ... the cam was just changing direction.  I've waited and waited but it hasn't moved again.

Mira Bilis 05/06/15 14:54

Still a lovely view.

MD 04/28/15 16:37

Trix ...... love the ad!   :D

trix abound 03/15/15 15:51

hi is a commercial that brings a smile to my face....

Mira Bilis 03/15/15 15:40

Some fine looking trees ... a really nice view.

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 09/18/14 04:37

Lovely view right now.

trix abound 07/16/14 15:46

people have seen them that shape

MD 07/16/14 15:05

Trix the triangular thing on the 8hr cam is till there now. It's not a mark on the cam because an insect just walked in front of it and the Triangle was behind it!

trix abound 07/16/14 14:50

breeding like

MD 07/16/14 14:39

Yuk!  I came to read your comment and there were 4 of the little beggars!

trix abound 07/16/14 14:27

there are many bugs walking on the

MD 07/16/14 14:05

Trix, I thought I'd found a ufo but it was a bug walking on the cam.

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 10/25/13 04:51

Nice view during the day but beautiful at night.


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