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Comments (23)

Reagan Vangundy 01/23/22 04:22
stargzr 12/07/20 23:11

I love this Iceland Christmas tree.   : )

MD 11/27/16 15:56

Thank you.   :)

Way557 11/27/16 15:02

The little christmas tree is right here.

MD 11/27/16 13:17

Hi Indigo ...... immediately above the red car .... less than an inch ..... there's a tiny tree and it's flashing.

indigo 11/27/16 12:45

Where ? I dont see it...

MD 11/16/16 12:19

And there's a Christmas tree with lights already lit.

Way557 11/16/16 11:20

New snow here.

MD 01/29/16 22:24

Mira ..... all those water courses ...... and the good old northern lights. It's a beautiful place.

Mira Bilis 01/29/16 22:12

Another beautiful Iceland video ...

MD 11/19/15 17:31

I do believe it is ..... but too far away.

Mira Bilis 11/19/15 16:34

Is that a decorated tree I spy on the left?

Mira Bilis 11/19/15 16:32

Heheh ... this is one time I really don't want our weather here to duplicate yours MD.  We're still tidying up after the storms ... snow would just add insult to injury, lol.

MD 11/19/15 16:24

Mira ..... I think it's Saturday that we are forecast weather straight from Iceland ..... and it won't be Peter Andre delivering it!

Mira Bilis 11/19/15 16:14

LOL MD ... what a mental image that conjures up!  :)

Hi Nemesis ... I gather the UK is set to get some wintry weather soon.  Snow is okay in small doses ... but I prefer to watch from indoors with a mug of hot cocoa.  ;)

MD 11/19/15 12:33

Hi nemesis ...... I don't have a problem keeping warm ..... I'm frightened of falling over. I live on a hill. Remember in comics when someone would fall and roll down a hill .... gathering a layer of snow as they went???? I'd end up the biggest snowball in the world. LOL!!!

nemesis22 11/19/15 10:34

yea it does look cold...hopefully uk be nextr to get plenty snow...more the better..get building those snowmen with grandkids............what could be better than that.?

Mommie dearest you just have to make sure got warm clothes.

MD 11/09/14 19:29

It looks pretty but cold.

Mira Bilis 11/09/14 16:40

A bit of snow here now.

MD 01/15/14 16:00

Such a lovely view.


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