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Club Velico
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Club Velico

6524 hours ago

Club Velico

6527 hours ago

Club Velico

6530 hours ago

Club Velico

6533 hours ago

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Comments (22)

Julian Lennon 04/16/17 17:42

Velcro... I need glasses lol... Great place, by the way :) X

MD 07/19/16 20:05

Rain Shadow ... that's a lovely cam. I wish I was at that restaurant right now. I bet they have freshly caught sardines there ........

Rain Shadow 07/19/16 19:39
trix abound 09/19/14 15:13


MD 09/19/14 14:55

Yesssssssssssss!!!!!  LOL!!!!!!!!!!

trix abound 09/19/14 14:51

MD....all right all right....your right...LOL

MD 09/19/14 14:26

Trix...... I like the way you put "this time."  Cheeky madam.  LOL

trix abound 09/19/14 14:13

MD....i think your right (this time) LOL...i can find nothing about it being volcanic sand :(

trix abound 09/19/14 13:54

MD....great webcams there....i'm also sure that volcanic ash can travel quite far...

MD 09/19/14 13:47

I just asked Google about volcano near Cogoleto and it came up with nothing, but I did find this nice link.

trix abound 09/19/14 13:42

well heck Carol...cant find it now but i'm sure there is one there somewhere...that is volcanic sand in the one where i put the pics on also...


MD 09/19/14 13:42

WOW!! Birthplace of Christopher Columbus but no mention of volcano.

MD 09/19/14 13:39

Trix... we had a conversation before over black sand.... it isn't always volcanic, though I suspect this probably is.  :D

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 09/19/14 13:11

Trix, where is the Volcano?

trix abound 09/19/14 13:08

more volcanic sand....

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 09/19/14 13:07

I like unusual weather, lol. I don't get unusual anymore.

MD 09/19/14 13:05

Hi Carol... yes... it's lovely. The weather is a bit unusual, usually still got sunshine at this time.

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 09/19/14 12:42

I love the views of this cam.

Mira Bilis 07/16/14 18:04

LOL ... I keep reading this camera name as Club Velcro!  ;D


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