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Chausuyama Zoo

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Chausuyama Zoo
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Chausuyama Zoo

5939 hours ago

Chausuyama Zoo

5942 hours ago

Chausuyama Zoo

5945 hours ago

Chausuyama Zoo

5948 hours ago

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Comments (8)

Mira Bilis 02/13/14 16:58

:-(  This is so depressing and makes me so angry.   This kind of thing can do nothing but harm the global perception of zoos as places that promote conservation.  As PETA were quoted as saying the other day, after the murder of Marius ... (and I'm not a PETA supporter) ... this should be a wake-up call to everyone!


MD 02/13/14 15:09

Mira Bilis, A second Danish zoo has said it may have to put down one of its giraffes to comply with breeding programme rules. The poor thing has the same name as the one that was murdered on Sunday, Marius.

Mira Bilis 02/09/14 23:05

I know MD ... I was shocked and disturbed by the pictures online.  Zoos should be places where animals are looked after, respected and kept safe and healthy ... not places where they can be killed off if they are not  "genetically useful" any more!  I thought 'eugenics' died out with the Nazis ... I was obviously wrong!

MD 02/09/14 22:53

Hi Mira, that article says part of it will be used for research and part to feed the animals. I've seen a picture of it on the floor, being cut up in front of a crowd of people, including children. Absolutely disgusting. What is wrong with these people? Several places offered to take it in. Makes my blood boil!

Mira Bilis 02/09/14 22:32

I hope the Japanese treat their giraffes better than the bloody Danes!!  I am SO angry with them at the moment!!  >:-(

MD 12/27/13 23:40

Lol. Looks like brass monkey weather!

Jimmy Day 12/27/13 23:06

You're having a Giraffe aren't you I can't see one lol

kyle 07/24/13 02:53

I wish this cam was clear, the view is astounding at times with these animals


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