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Kujukuri Beach
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Kujukuri Beach

34035 hours ago

Kujukuri Beach

34038 hours ago

Kujukuri Beach

34041 hours ago

Kujukuri Beach

34044 hours ago

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Comments (24)

trix abound 03/15/15 02:15


feralorchid 01/03/15 23:03

Loads of people surfing this morning..

Mira Bilis 01/02/15 22:27

Tranquil day.

Mira Bilis 10/19/14 23:02
N Q 10/19/14 21:28

beautiful sunset !

feralorchid 10/19/14 21:25

What a treat! I think this is in my top alternating favourites....the shell pinks, greys and silvery quality of light here are so tranquil...

MD 09/23/14 22:25

Yes.... it's beautiful.

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 09/23/14 22:11

This looks so beautiful and peaceful this morning.

trix abound 05/17/14 01:54


Mira Bilis 03/29/14 23:00

Surf's up here too!

Enna Mahtal 03/08/14 00:45


Mira Bilis 02/08/14 22:18

I love to watch waves ... soft ripples or pounding surf ... it's all good to me. :-)

feralorchid 02/08/14 21:48

Another shell pink sunrise against the grey....

feralorchid 12/18/13 21:52

Heavy mist ,all grey, waves are higher..

feralorchid 12/14/13 21:50

Someone is boady boarding/surfing in the early light...

Mira Bilis 12/08/13 21:21

Suitable for any of the calm and peaceful Japanese views on Opentopia ... Enjoy at your leisure. :-)

feralorchid 12/08/13 20:56

The very first light is easing the darkness of the beach, revealling the shadow of a man striding purposefully on the shoreline. Small boats out at sea, the lights on their masts burning the grey dawn..

MD 12/01/13 22:09

And eloquently described!


feralorchid 12/01/13 21:52

Just watched the sun come up...long low lapping waves as a line of pale yellow and shell pink light edged over a bank of cloud on the horizon. One man, so small against this setting, standing fishing in the water, with another hunkered down on the sand....and then it got brighter, and the sun, pale yellow grew from behind the cloud, slowly rippeling over the water....Mint!

kyle 06/24/13 07:29

As I  stated, ice bandwidth


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