Asakusa Traffic Cam

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Asakusa Traffic Cam
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Asakusa Traffic Cam

6 hours ago

Asakusa Traffic Cam

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Asakusa Traffic Cam

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Asakusa Traffic Cam

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Comments (22)

Emma Santós 03/12/17 03:17

I want to go to Tokyo so bad.

isaiah A. 11/25/16 02:26

Why are most of the cars white?

danzer spaeth 08/07/15 02:20

Quakes. Excellent climactic condtions coupled with an extended intermission led versifiers to declain in a sort of patio area, which provided a new world view as well as surprisingly good acoustics.  The city of brotherly love thanks you.


Dave Osborne 06/11/15 06:15

Thanks, Mira.  Had not thought of that.  :-)

Mira Bilis 06/09/15 19:17

Maybe because it 4.17am and Japan is a pretty low crime country compared to others. :)

Dave Osborne 06/09/15 19:07

Why is there a vehicle - possibly a Utilities one - parked in the right turn lane, with rear door wide open and nobody with it, and only 'protected' but bollards on either side?

MD 04/30/15 11:14

Hi Kyle ..... I shouldn't think that Mr Yan has been holding his breath waiting for an answer...... it's been more than 3 years.  :)

kyle 04/30/15 01:39

I can answer the comment from Mr Yan now, I was totally a amateur at quakes, and could at times predict them, only not the energy of one, the method i used around the "Rim" was energy release, quite rythmic in action. A couple fooled me good, and killed a few people, so Im done. Oh I warned some on what i knew, they happened, and no one paid any attention to my piddly warning, a few quite large so i reined it in, and only made a few here and there for folks i knew.  I like the people of Japan, and didnt pay enough attention,( I quess we are not supposed to)   I will never do it again, ever as I understand to make a mistake can be deadly.  I understand the horror that little Chinese fellow was going through sitting on the curb in that long ago Village, he was supposed to warn of one , that fooled him  and didnt, he is forever shamed and the guilt is upon him, as he through his Chinese method was fool proof

a k 09/17/14 07:34

Really good quality camera and so clean place

Paul in NJ 02/23/14 00:34

Yes, it's a high-quality video camera, and it shows how clean and well-maintained this street (and, by extension, the area) is.  I also note that the sidewalk on the left side of the street doubles as a bike lane.

MD 02/14/14 17:45

A lot of cables across this street.

feralorchid 02/14/14 16:50

Big van just got stuck in snow at the traffic lights!

MD 11/21/13 17:17

Yes, amazingly clear.

fighting_tiger 01/19/13 03:53

The quality on this cam is the best I've seen anywhere. They need to put more of these cams with this video system up everywhere. I would love to see how the rest of Japan would look with these high quality cams. 

Kyle Gosnell 09/08/12 00:42

well, that is decidedly Japanese, either extremely good, or extreemely bed, and the use of Girls is a shocker, hahahha one way to sneak up in broad daylight, is use a pretty girl

Kyle Gosnell 09/08/12 00:39

wow, I know what that is, hmm, they are about to do a hit, must be one of the gangs i hear about, that ride bicycles

nana monroe 08/20/12 16:55

Me gusta la claridad como se ve esta camara. casi no se pega, es fantastica.

kyle 01/29/12 01:13

I am now officially off the hook, remember that, the others who expect me to partly predict quakes and Volcanoes, I am tired and burned out on this project.  THat Ian proves, I know nothing any more

kyle 01/28/12 15:36



In a word Ian, Yup, dont know a damned thing  hahahahaha

Have a great day


Ian Yan 01/28/12 10:06

I think your comment proves you know nothing about earthquakes ;)


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