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Drachten Animal Hospital

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Drachten Animal Hospital
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Drachten Animal Hospital

8919 hours ago

Drachten Animal Hospital

8922 hours ago

Drachten Animal Hospital

8925 hours ago

Drachten Animal Hospital

8928 hours ago

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Comments (19)

zedyer 11/28/15 11:07

Little dog sitting next to the blue bed.... I think your supposed to go in the bed not sit next to it!!

MD 06/02/14 21:37

None of my dogs ever had the luxury of a room of their own. Poor things had to slum it with the rest of us! :D

Mira Bilis 06/02/14 21:30

Perhaps it's a foster home for dogs .... in any event, dogs seem to be treated a lot better than children these days.

shyannedianne 06/02/14 21:26

is this kennels then ? I thought it was a normal household and they were being mean by excluding the dog,but the jack russell seems to have either gone back home or been rehomed if it's a shelter place ?

shyannedianne 05/28/14 18:21

that's strange,the dogs gone and been replaced with a black and tanned one ?!

MD 05/23/14 22:20

I suppose he's better in there than being a stray on the streets.

shyannedianne 05/23/14 21:56

hey up he's got a different bed,still feel sorry for the little fellow as he doesn't seem part of a family atall,bless him

MD 05/16/14 13:12

This is the only Stag Air I could find:

MD 05/16/14 12:55

I used to have a sweater with Bob Marley on the front! LOL.

shyannedianne 05/16/14 06:14

yeah I saw someone go in and clean up and let the doggy out :D happy days,the seem to work at stag air as it was printed on the back of their sweater.

shyannedianne 05/15/14 21:39

do they just leave this poor dog alone all the time to sleep,what sort of life is that ??

MD 04/27/14 22:49

LOL! They look very cosy.

Mira Bilis 04/27/14 22:40

Nice pair of sensible sized dogs ... so much better than those overgrown rats.  ;-)

trix abound 03/12/14 14:59

now there are 4...breeding like

trix abound 03/12/14 14:58

3 pomerianians...little one just piddled on the floor...feel dog never had his own room...

Katie Baby 02/20/11 19:15

It went POOF now!  :))

AnnMaria :) 02/20/11 19:06

Dog was there.....

Katie Baby 02/20/11 19:05

What doggie? :/

AnnMaria :) 02/20/11 19:02

This doggie is so cute =)


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