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Stellacam III
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Stellacam III

6222 hours ago

Stellacam III

6225 hours ago

Stellacam III

6228 hours ago

Stellacam III

6231 hours ago

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Comments (14)

MD 12/17/19 20:29

It's all in the mind.  :D     
Good luck with the trial. 
Homely 12/17/19 19:39

No, not "too fiddly" - not sure why that is making me laugh right now! Trial tomorrow... must be the exhaustion setting in.

MD 12/16/19 15:57

I've just this moment put the link on the Brighton cam to bring it to Stargzr's attention.  Some very nice looking recipes and not too fiddly to prepare.

Homely 12/16/19 15:52

Glad the recipe turned out well! I have yet to try something from her that wasn't absolutely scrumptious :-)

And I was just checking in on OT while waiting for the shower to get warm... our pipes take forever to warm up on a cold morning! Good morning to you both!

MD 12/16/19 13:08

Ps ... the Indian shepherd's pie was delicious .....  I have enough left for a meal today.   I shall definitely try some of the other recipes.

MD 12/16/19 13:03

Hi Homely .... what are you doing on here at this time????  No work??  LOL!

Homely 12/16/19 12:18

Well then, that sounds definitive!!!

MD 12/16/19 12:02

Hi girls ....  it only has 898 views but ...... more tellingly ...... every cam that ever was .... from 2011 ...... is in My Cams. And this wasn't.  If it says "Add to my cams,"  it's a new one ... to me!

stargzr 12/16/19 04:32


stargzr 12/16/19 04:20

Hi Homely,  I'm sure MD will answer you......but what I can say is maybe because there had been no comments and also because it was one neiher she (nor I) had seen before.   And you KNOW she's seen it all !     LOLOLOL

Homely 12/16/19 03:49

How can you tell it's new, MD?

stargzr 12/16/19 02:19
MD 12/14/19 16:07

A new cam!  Things are looking up.

stargzr 12/13/19 20:28

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