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Os Kommune at Torggata & Øyro

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Os Kommune at Torggata & Øyro
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Os Kommune at Torggata & Øyro

1764 hours ago

Os Kommune at Torggata & Øyro

1767 hours ago

Os Kommune at Torggata & Øyro

1770 hours ago

Os Kommune at Torggata & Øyro

1773 hours ago

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Comments (27)

Mira Bilis 11/28/15 00:21

Christmas tree here ... I do wish they'd open the camera iris more ... it always looks so dark.

trix abound 05/17/15 16:24

yes it is!!

MD 05/17/15 16:18

Trix .... what a pretty place.

trix abound 05/17/15 15:46
trix abound 05/17/15 15:45

trix abound 05/17/15 15:45,5.4697762,3a,75y,133.76h,92.82t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sCoJ59rb3vSX80Upm6CMJhA!2e0?hl=en

Mira Bilis 05/17/15 15:35

All the flags are flying today.

Mira Bilis 01/19/15 21:38

Thanks for the info Kent.  :)

kent cf 01/19/15 21:35

Note that this camera is on the same building as OpenTopia camera 9800

And the correct coordinates are in the Google link in my previous comment (60.1857532 / 5.4697762)

kent cf 01/07/15 02:48

This webcam is in the Norwegian kommune (municipality) of Os. It's on the side of the city hall at the junction of Torggata and Øyro:,5.4697762,3a,75y,133.76h,92.82t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sCoJ59rb3vSX80Upm6CMJhA!2e0?hl=en

The camera coordinates are in the Google link.

There's a duplicate webcam because there are two links, with different titles, on the Os kommune site - but both are pointing to the same camera:

kent cf 01/07/15 02:44
N Q 12/12/14 15:58

This is a duplicate cam, so I'm just changing the name so it's the same as the other cam.

Mira Bilis 11/29/14 00:20

The quality of light on this cam is rather dim ... that tree looks like it's in a brown-out!

MD 05/20/14 16:56

Trix, same here, I don't buy anything that needs ironing.

Hi Mira Bilis.  :D

Mira Bilis 05/20/14 14:44

LOL @ both of you!

trix abound 05/20/14 13:13

i don't even iron anymore...if it need ironing it goes in the rubbish or rag bag...

MD 05/20/14 12:54

Mira Bilis, who does a laundry list???? LOL

Mira Bilis 05/20/14 04:28

Mine reads like a laundry list these days!  ;)

MD 05/18/14 14:15

The other night I finally watched the Bucket List film. Gave me a few ideas!  LOL

Mira Bilis 05/18/14 00:24

Indeed MD ... it's definitely on the bucket list.  :)


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