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Comments (4150)

Gordy Weigle 08/14/20 06:31

It must be a live view, the flag appears to move with a breeze.

Gordy Weigle 08/14/20 06:28

Great camera resolution, but BORING!

MD 07/13/20 20:55

Me too.

SJ T 07/13/20 06:54





Phoenix 06/21/20 13:07

I enjoyed looking at this view for a time, but think I prefer the Cafe view. .. Extremely good camera though.

Gordy Weigle 06/18/20 03:23

The camera resolution is exceptional. I have a feeling they upgraded the equipment, and decided to try a different view.

Hopefully they'll return to the last view, expecially before the Christmas season. It was much more interesting with the photoshopping effect, lots of activity, along tihe the "Corncob Tree." 


MD 06/17/20 15:38

Me too.

SJ T 06/17/20 00:14



PLEASE restore the water front view with the Cafe


i miss seeing the lovely water sunrise/sets

and I miss seeing the dear little church

it was so beautiful to see the first rays of sunlight landing on the church like a spotlight 

I am SO SAD it is gone.

Ed Hilver 06/14/20 23:29

Im seeing a buitiful purple sunset right now.

MD 06/14/20 23:16

Hi Moose ....  possibly the clearest on here.  Also ..... everywhere looks so clean.

Moose 06/14/20 21:33

This cam is impossibly clear.

MD 06/14/20 17:31

Hi Gordy ....  I do love to hear of people doing well.  Sounds like your son is set for life.  It must be very interesting work - and on-plane parties as a bonus.  Lucky young man.  I say that but it's not just luck .... he's worked for it.  As a parent .... it makes you feel proud and also gives you peace of mind.

Gordy Weigle 06/14/20 11:25

Hi MD,

Over 10 years ago, my older son and I got a tour of Embry Riddle’s Aeronautical University in Prescott. For those interested in pursuing a career in aviation, it’s probably the best facility in the world. They’re also located in Daytona Beach.

Anyway, we were impressed by the tour, and my son submitted an enrollment application.

In the meantime, he applied for a scholarship offered by a huge avionics company, and won a fully paid scholarship to Colorado Aerotech, in Broomfield, Colorado. Shortly before graduating Duncan Aviation, in Lincoln, Nebraska made him an nice offer. They’re one of the biggest outfits in the country, with a great reputation; lots of the big-money boys take their planes there.

My son works as an Avionics Line Technician, and gets to meet lots of interesting, some even famous, people. As a nice side benefit, after doing avionics work he goes along on a test hop. After landing, they open up the plane’s bar facilities, and have on-plane parties.

MD 06/12/20 15:34

Thanks Gordy   .....  I've just been panning and zooming!    :D

Gordy Weigle 06/12/20 07:47

Hi MD,

I see where you’ve viewed the Embry Riddle cam in Prescott, Arizona.

Most of my friends and I own planes, and I’ve flown into Prescott many times over the years.

If you’re interested, here’s the “Controllable” version of the cam:

MD 06/11/20 17:14

Hi Gordy   ......  I agree.  I much prefer the other view.  Hopefully it will change back.

Gordy Weigle 06/10/20 07:54

Hi MD - Probably, but there's much more activty with the previous view.

MD 06/09/20 22:50

Hi Gordy.    I think we shall still be able to see a bit of the corncob tree .....  just.  :D

Gordy Weigle 06/09/20 21:03

The previous view was much more interesting, especially with the photoshopping effect and “Corncob Tree” during the Christmas season.

SJ T 06/08/20 03:24

This is pretty.

But I TRULY MISS seeing the Cafe & the beautiful water

Could you PLEASE add the other view back?


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