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Comments (4258)

MD 11/21/22 14:39

It looks beautiful but too cold for me.

Phoenix 11/21/22 12:42

Must be extremely cold there now. The spiral of smoke in the distance is going straight up.. 

deacon 10/26/22 12:35

First snow of the season on 10/26/2022!!

deacon 04/08/22 16:14

The first real snowstorm here all winter, looks nice.

MD 12/06/21 14:31

Hi Roger Barker ....  I hope you are well.  It's 2 years today since Trix died, so she never heard of Covid. Seems to have been a long 2 years.

You take care.


deacon 10/22/21 13:38

Looks like their first snow of the season today. A good one, covering everything.

deacon 10/06/21 12:35

Snow will be falling here shortly.

MD 08/16/21 15:31

Hi Phoenix ...  I'm very sorry to hear your news.   I was so hopeful when I read that article on gamma knife radiation.  Poor lady.  I'm sure she is much better off at home than in hospital.  So sad for the family.

MD 08/16/21 15:28

Hi Arizona Sue ...  nowt, owt and summat are words I use every day, especially in texts.  As for "dreck," ... it's my go-to cuss word now.  If I drop something it's "Oh dreck,"  which is a  big improvement on what I would normally say. LOL

Have you ever watched the series "Rebus," best played by Ken Stott?  Set in Glasgow with real accents.

Phoenix 08/14/21 14:21

Hi MD, the news about my sons mother in law is not good. She was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. They're giving her some kind of chemotherapy pills, which slow the growth of the cells, but don't know how long she has left, really. She is back home, because she wanted that. 

Phoenix 08/14/21 14:18

Hi Sue, one of my favorite Scottish words is "Foosty, or Fousty", not sure how it's spelled. Glad you enjoyed your trip over to Arran, we loved that island, used to take many trips over on the ferry. Mum and Dad had some friends who lived there. Dad was stationed there for a time during WWII, do got to know folk. I loved "Last Tango in Halifax", i've watched it twice. I'm going to watch "Vicious", when I remember!  :-) I like Derek Jacobi and Ian McKellen, and I also watched I, Claudius and enjoyed that too. 

MD 08/02/21 14:50

Hi Sue .... since reading your post - I've adopted the word "dreck."  I'll be able to cuss/curse/swear in front of my neighbours without them knowing.  LOLOLOL

Arizona Sue 08/01/21 21:10

My favorite Scottish word is "numpty."  LOL

Arizona Sue 08/01/21 21:08

Hi Phoenix:  I enjoy your comments about Florida.  I feel the same as you.   We too here in AZ have an anal orifice for Governor.   He's thinking of running for Senate in 2022, so naturally he's not going to say anything bad about the Orange Asshat!   Husband and I have Scottish friends who live in Carluke.   They also laugh about the Glasweegian accent.  In fact, they gave us a pamphlet awhile ago using the local words and meanings.   It's been so sad not being able to visit them since Covid.   Our last visit was in August 2019, for their 50th wedding anniversary.   We visited the Isle of Arran and the coast.   We visited (at my request) a Clydesdale farm where I was thrilled to see the horses and other animals and it rained non-stop and it was wonderful.  Hoping for another visit to the Highlands in 2022. 

Phoenix 08/01/21 15:39

Been reading with interest your comments on dialect, the Scots have some dozies too, especially up in the Glasgow area. Yup, the Delta version is running riot down here too, especially with Trumps puppet DeSantis in charge. 

Arizona Sue 07/31/21 00:14

MD, PS - "dreck" in Yiddish (my husband is Jewish) means "crap" or "sh--t."   LOL

Arizona Sue 07/31/21 00:13

Hi MD.  I love the regional patois.   We  have that here in the USA.   Hubby hails from the midwest (Ohio) and I'm from the East Coast (Maryland) and we have slight accents from those areas.   We've lived in Arizona nearly 14 years, so I think we've lost most of those accents.   Nowt and Owt and Summat!    I've started re-watching Downton Abbey.   Seems I'd forgotten some of the plot lines since the 2015 debut.   The Delta virus is rampant here in Arizona.   It's a Trump population here and yes, the ignorance is also rampant.   One still sees the occasional pickup trucks flying Trump flags and/0r "f---K Biden flags.   Real classy (NOT).   Oh well.   As I tell people, we moved to Arizona for the weather, not for the politics.   Yes, I'm sad that we probably won't travel abroad until sometime 2022.   

MD 07/29/21 20:02

Hi Sue ....  your "Ta Ra" took me back to the Black Country!!!!!  I've had to learn a new language in Devon.  The closest to "Ta Ra" is "See you dreckly,"  but it's said as one word with the emphasis on "dreck."

I've just had a look at Peoria on Google maps and Googled for information. It looks very nice and I read that "It is one of the best places to live in Arizona."  All those critters can't be wrong.  LOL

If you get a chance - watch "Vicious" ... Derek Jacobi and Ian McKellen.  They play a gay couple who have been together for 50 years. I found it hilarious.  In real life they fancied each other when they were young - at a time when homosexuality was illegal and neither of them let the other one know. They only realized the feelings were mutual when they filmed "Vicious."  All those wasted years.

Arizona Sue 07/27/21 02:30

Hi MD.  That youtube video of Phoenix is so old!   Downtown Phoenix is unrecognizable since then, with high rises and upscale condos, huge stadium and courthouses, etc.   We live in a northwestern suburb called Peoria.  There is a lot of open desert although our popularity and population are growing steadily.  Many, many neighborhoods and shopping centers abound.  We still have our critters -- puma, coyotes, javelina, bobcats, snakes, scorpions, beetles the size of one's thumb.  LOL.   Our two cats never go outside!   I am so enjoying Last Tango in Halifax.   Such beautiful country and photography.  I'm just starting series 4, episode 1 and not looking forward to the end of the show.   I've always loved Derek Jacobi since his wonderful performance in I, Claudius back in the 70's.   Ta Ra, till next time.  LOL

MD 07/25/21 18:25

Ps Sue .... might be an idea to put the link.  LOLOL


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