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Comments (4075)

MD 10/19/19 12:40

I feel your pain.

SJ T 10/19/19 11:16


iI already lost the one in Skellefteå :(


stargzr 10/18/19 19:49

Hah !!!  Maybe the cam got snowed in. :)

MD 10/18/19 19:45

Frost bite?

stargzr 10/18/19 18:02

Oh for heaven's sake.........where did THIS one go????

MD 10/16/19 20:17

I say it every winter but I love those frosted trees.

stargzr 10/16/19 18:26

Snow is forecast for the next two days.  And another winter begins in this lovely part of the world.

MD 05/20/19 22:11

I couldn't have put it better.

MD 04/27/19 16:31

The "puddles" are going crazy tonight.

MD 04/24/19 06:24

Hi Homely .....  I always thought the edges melted first.  We live and learn.  I looked at Hornavan yesterday ...... thick ice.

Homely 04/24/19 06:15

A glorious day here! I see the lake melting in the middle... I didn't realize until my son moved to the area around Lake Champlain that they start melting in the middle in the spring. I always thought they started at the edges!

MD 01/29/19 05:23

Plenty of cars here today.

MD 01/18/19 10:01

Hi Moose ...... well ...... that's a conundrum! I tell you where you wouldn't be ....... in the Recent Comments box. I know you understand ......  you have form!    LOL

Moose 01/18/19 08:58

Hmmm.  If I were a post that somebody wanted to be hidden, where would I be?

MD 01/18/19 05:45

-12F right now.

MD 12/30/18 13:48

Hi Homely ........  I hope you and your family had a good Christmas and have a Happy New Year ........ recharge your batteries.

Every time I see Feral's picture I think of Viti going to her home town and walking round ....... showing Feral's picture ..... asking people if they knew where she lived.  Miraculously ...... Viti found her.   I remember reading of Feral's shock!!!!!  LOL          I live in the next county .......  just 90 miles between us ....... but my days of searching for people stopped when I retired.

Homely ...... keep raking the money in.  It makes retirement so enjoyable.   :D

Homely 12/30/18 05:06

Happy to find some semblance of holiday lights here - it seems the squares with their trees all lit up have gone the way of the wayward buffalo. Lovely to see Feral having checked in! Happy New Year, MD and All!


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