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Phoenix 06/14/21 14:43

MD, I wondered about the Christmas tree too! i was thinking about writing to them to ask why it wasn't taken down after Christmas had passed... :-)

Phoenix 06/13/21 18:57

Hi MD, twas I who put the link on the Dublin cam.. Never been to Dublin, went over to Belfast on the ferry one day when I was over visiting Mum and Dad. Ferry left from Troon back in those days... When I arrived in Belfast a wee man at the pier told me I had come on the wrong day, a Sunday, because all was closed.. he did give me a tip though to go to this museum with old busses and cars, and across the road from that was an agricultural museum, so I took a taxi and off I went. It was all rather interesting. I enjoyed the trip on the ferry too. They're going to let the ferry go from Troon again as they are doing up the harbour at Adrossan.. Don't know how that wil go... Troon was not built for car traffic, horses and carts, yes, but cars no.. the parking is horrid as it is. Nope, Guiness has never appealed to me either, but it is an extremely popular drink. 

MD 06/13/21 18:28

Hi Phoenix ...  I used to look at the Dublin cam - someone put this link on Opentopia a while ago but I lost it.  Do you think the Christmas tree is early or late?  LOL

I've been to Dublin.  It's a lovely place.  I was impressed that cake shops sell yesterday's cakes at half price.  I first went when I was about 10 years old.  The ferry crossing that time was a shocker. The sea was so rough we were delayed for hours. As we walked beside the River Liffey my dad told me they used the river water to make Guinness. Somehow it's never appealed to me.  :D  There's a lovely place called Phoenix Park.

Phoenix 06/12/21 21:38

Do you live in Sweden, Deacon? I used to live in Kristinhamn. Thanks for the tip MD.. I might just buy one of those. We keep the cars in the garage, so it's only when we, or I go out shopping, which isn't very often...  :-) I don't go to the mall anymore.. I've sort of come away from that. Do you ever look at the webcam from the Temple Bar in Dublin, it's interesting. Can't write anything but it's fun to watch the people. .. it was really busy on the street this evening. No one allowed inside though they serve outside for the time being. It's now very busy on the street!!

deacon 06/11/21 21:35

Very dark clouds moving in. Looks like were in for nasty weather, as CCR said.

MD 06/11/21 18:42

Phoenix ...  we used to put reflecting screens on our car windows. It helped a lot but I always left it to hubby to put them in place - he made some for all of the windows and it used to be such a performance putting them in place and removing them.   I love the idea of a kiddy pool.

Phoenix 06/11/21 17:55

I'd go nuts if I lived somewhere with that kind of weather.... but here in South Florida the weather gets nasty in the summer... you burn your hands on the steering wheel and your bum on the seat...Can't go out for a decent walk in the middle of the day. Too hot for our dogs.. but we have a huge backdoor, so they can run for a bit there, then we have a kiddy pool in the patio, so they can jump in and cool off if they want. 

MD 05/23/21 18:01

How much does it snow in Arjeplog?

  When does it snow in Arjeplog? January through June, September through December are months with snowfall in Arjeplog

The above is what Google just told me.  Also .....  I put the same details on here years ago ... just 3 months without snow. 

deacon 05/23/21 13:28

Strange weather everywhere. I had snow falling on Mother's day and this past week we were 88 degrees. I believe the snow here is done for the season. From one extreme to the other. Spring seems to last a week.

Phoenix 05/22/21 20:49

Hi Deacon, yes, Sweden is having some exceptionally cold and weird weather for this time of year. My husband relations, and my sister keep us informed. Gosh, think, it's almost the end of May and they still don't have decent weather. I feel so sorry for them. 

deacon 05/22/21 12:52

Just when you think spring is here, it began snowing again.

MD 05/10/21 23:21

Thanks for that link, Homely, pretty and very interesting.  The domes have been there for the same amount of time but one of them has low-voltage DC.

Homely 05/10/21 22:28

Oh, Phoenix, I am jealous of you too!  And, MD, thanks for fixing my link. Can't ever remember whether I'm s'posed to add or drop the S... Here's another one that is lovely, clear and well maintained: 

MD 05/10/21 18:52

Hi Phoenix ...  how lovely,  I'm envious. 

Phoenix 05/09/21 23:43

Hi all, Deerfield Beach is about a half hours drive from where we live. It's fun to go out on the pier and watch folks fishing.. there is also a very good restuarant at the beginning of the pier. Been there a few times before.. 

MD 05/08/21 15:31

Ps Homely ...  when I adjusted your link I hadn't looked at it.  I see what you mean.  Wonderful cam.

I found this one:

The underwater camera is located at the bottom of the ocean off the International Fishing Pier.  So people on this cam are overlooking the underwater cam.

MD 05/08/21 15:13

Thanks Homely.  We used to have a few indoor aquarium cams on Opentopia.  I often used to have one full screen and just enjoy the tranquility with none of the nuisance of cleaning them out.

Homely 05/08/21 01:01

MD, Phoenix, Silver Squirrel, Ed, Everyone... Here is a link to a really lovely underwater cam in Florida. They keep it in great shape, cleaning it regularly, and the fish are so much fun to watch. Plus they have a nice sound loop on it. I tend to keep it on all day at work! 

Phoenix 05/07/21 18:51

Hi MD, many thanks for the links, I loved watching them! 

MD 05/06/21 14:18

This cam is clear and constant but I don't think it's a good view.  It's akin to watching paint dry.


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