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MD 05/20/19 22:11

I couldn't have put it better.

MD 04/27/19 16:31

The "puddles" are going crazy tonight.

MD 04/24/19 06:24

Hi Homely .....  I always thought the edges melted first.  We live and learn.  I looked at Hornavan yesterday ...... thick ice.

Homely 04/24/19 06:15

A glorious day here! I see the lake melting in the middle... I didn't realize until my son moved to the area around Lake Champlain that they start melting in the middle in the spring. I always thought they started at the edges!

MD 01/29/19 05:23

Plenty of cars here today.

MD 01/18/19 10:01

Hi Moose ...... well ...... that's a conundrum! I tell you where you wouldn't be ....... in the Recent Comments box. I know you understand ......  you have form!    LOL

Moose 01/18/19 08:58

Hmmm.  If I were a post that somebody wanted to be hidden, where would I be?

MD 01/18/19 05:45

-12F right now.

MD 12/30/18 13:48

Hi Homely ........  I hope you and your family had a good Christmas and have a Happy New Year ........ recharge your batteries.

Every time I see Feral's picture I think of Viti going to her home town and walking round ....... showing Feral's picture ..... asking people if they knew where she lived.  Miraculously ...... Viti found her.   I remember reading of Feral's shock!!!!!  LOL          I live in the next county .......  just 90 miles between us ....... but my days of searching for people stopped when I retired.

Homely ...... keep raking the money in.  It makes retirement so enjoyable.   :D

Homely 12/30/18 05:06

Happy to find some semblance of holiday lights here - it seems the squares with their trees all lit up have gone the way of the wayward buffalo. Lovely to see Feral having checked in! Happy New Year, MD and All!

MD 12/13/18 20:57

I just love those frosted trees.

Ericus V2 11/12/18 16:40

Woohoo.. not a full covering but there is some snow on the ground, around and about.

MD 11/04/18 16:13

Hi Feral ........ this is real Glastonbury weather!!!!!

You're so lucky to have friends in France ........  I absolutely love the place .....  and the people.  It's a real tonic to go there.

Home made preserves are  much better than shop-bought ...... more fruit and you know exactly what's gone into the jar.

I hope you and your bestie are on the road to recovery  ...... although I know that it's often one step forward ... two steps back.   Pity you can't both hibernate in your girl-cave.  LOL!!!!    xx

feralorchid 11/04/18 15:24

Hello lovely! Fine thanks, and I trust you are? Haven't emerged from my pyjamas today. Very unusual for bloody grey and uninspiring. Been one cluster fek of a year... deaths , bestie in Psycotic mania for most of it, me not good...beam me up Scottie! However did get to France to stay with friends and totally spoilt, and did make a load of preserves..good soft fruit year. xx

MD 11/03/18 16:39

ello darlin ....... how are you?????

feralorchid 11/03/18 16:23

....beware da Portals!!

indigo 10/25/18 08:36

YEAH !! Finally snow, I love it.....


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