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Comments (4281)

Homely 11/27/23 03:56

Lovely shot, N Q! 

N Q 11/26/23 17:31

The view here tonight is really pretty with the snow on the roofs and all of the lights and most of the buildings having a gold tone to them.

Phoenix 10/18/23 15:01

Short summers, long winters.. you should see how fast the buds and leaves come out in the spring in Sweden, sort of an explosion!!  Amazed me the first time I saw it.

deacon 10/14/23 05:14

I am amazed how quickly the leaves disappear and the snow settles in here.

deacon 10/02/23 06:38

Hi Phoenix. Yes got some rain a couple days ago. Just enough to wet things down and raise the September monthly total from 0.45 to 0.77 of an inch. Not much but grateful for what had fallen recently. We are now in a "minor " drought now.

Phoenix 10/01/23 17:34

Hi Deacon, has it rained on you yet?? 

deacon 09/24/23 22:34

It is unusual to be this dry in N.Ohio. We have only had about 0.45 of an inch so far this month. There is some rain in the forecast mid week but I won't hold my breath.

Homely 09/23/23 16:10

Good to see you again, Deacon! Hoping some of our east coast rains from Ophelia make it your way after such a dry summer.

Phoenix 09/23/23 15:02

Hi Deacon, good to see you again! I'll send up some rain from South Florida if you like! We've more than enough to send around..  :-) Is it usual for Cleveland to be so dry this time of year??

deacon 09/23/23 10:51

Hello. I have been more observing than posting comments lately.Yes I am about 25 miles west of Cleveland. It has been unusually dry here and hoping for some rain. Last rain here was a flooding rain on August 23 and 24th.

Arizona Sue 09/19/23 01:16

Hi Deacon.  It's been awhile.  You're in the Cleveland area?

Phoenix 09/16/23 18:54

Hi Deacon, nice to see you again, how are you??

deacon 09/15/23 11:44

I agree. This scene is boring....

Phoenix 09/13/23 13:33

Wish they would put this cam back on the square with the cafe and the pink church....this view is quite boring..

Phoenix 06/02/23 14:00

No signs of MD yet... wonder how she is????

Phoenix 05/27/23 15:56

Spring and Summer don't last very long here... but the people make so much good of the seasons as they can, Homely..   :-)

Homely 05/23/23 21:17

I always love watching it turn from winter to spring here, Phoenix!

Phoenix 05/23/23 17:20

Beautiful evening..  

Homely 03/21/23 17:29

Indeed, Deacon! And now we get to see a great shot of a beautiful day! Cheers :-)

deacon 03/20/23 10:55

The squeeky wheel usually gets the grease.


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