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Comments (4108)

Luc D. n 12/30/19 22:24

Yes  Thank you MD,  surely we will !

MD 12/29/19 23:20

Hi Luc ...... good to hear from you.  I hope you and your family have a Happy New Year.

Luc D. n 12/29/19 21:55

Hi MD and all Arjeplog viewers !


All my best wishes for every one.  Hope everything is good for you

my first wish was the cam went back,  and it s  ok !

See you soon





MD 12/29/19 16:07

Hi Deacon .....  only 7 inches of snow ........ if we get just 1 inch of snow - the place comes to a standstill.

Happy New Year!

deacon 12/29/19 15:26

Raining here in Ohio which is also somewhat unusual, should be lake effect snow. Only seven inches so far this season. We will pay for it soon. Happy New Year!

Silver Squirrel 12/25/19 04:18

Happy Holidays to everyone who happens upon this page.  Except the spammers.  A very rainy day here in Arizona.  Quite unusual.  

stargzr 12/24/19 20:14


MD 12/24/19 20:09

I think that's covered it.  LOL!

stargzr 12/24/19 19:55

A happy, merry, jolly holiday season to one and all !!!

MD 12/24/19 13:37

Looking bleak today.

MD 12/23/19 18:28

You're welcome.  It's 18F at the moment  .... due to drop to 9F.  No wonder those trees are so frosted.

I've just seen a man walking a dog .... and a couple of women strolling along.  I'm sure I'd be moving sharpish in my hurry to get indoors.   :D

deacon 12/23/19 17:38

Thank you M.D. Very interesting.

MD 12/23/19 13:21

Ps Deacon .....  I've just found this wonderful link showing the owners and telling you more about the store.

MD 12/23/19 13:13

Hi Deacon  ..... it's a shop and cafe and also sells other stuff.  Years ago ... on this cam ... there is a link with a menu.  They serve moose balls and mousse balls!  It used to be Nelly's Cafe. › piribauermedia › docs › xpress_arjeplog_nr_2_2018

10 Jan 2018 - FIXAR'N ◗ ARJEPLOG VILT AB/VILTBUTIKEN. In our shop and café, you will find a large assortment of Reindeer and Moose meat. Also of Fish ...
deacon 12/23/19 12:48

This is one of the coolest cams on the web. Does anyone know what that building is? I cannot comprehend Swedish. It seems to be a store or pub to me.

MD 12/18/19 17:26

It must be ...... but we know what we saw .... or didn't see.

Such a beautiful scene.  They should print Christmas cards.

I'm enjoying the live impeachment performance.  Republicans are objecting to everything ... running hours behind schedule.

stargzr 12/18/19 16:43

It's a Christmas miracle !!!!!!  


MD 12/18/19 13:49

Stargzr ...... how on earth did that happen????????  They weren't there on the 6th.

stargzr 12/17/19 23:52

MD, the frosted trees are back!!

MD 12/14/19 16:02

So pretty.


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