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Nelly's Café
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Nelly's Café

6 hours ago

Nelly's Café

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Nelly's Café

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Nelly's Café

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Comments (3953)

MD 10/21/17 13:52

When it was still Nelly's I had a menu. I know they did moose balls and mousse balls.  Way back in the comments, we were on about meeting up and going for a meal in here. I remember the menu as being very mouthwatering but it seems they've reduced what they offer...... though I'd still love to visit!

Way557 10/21/17 11:23

do they cook anything at this restaurant ?.

you never see any smoke or exhaust fumes coming from these vents. no matter how cold it is outside

indigo 10/21/17 07:27

Yipeeeee !!! SNOW !!!

indigo 10/05/17 19:04


MD 10/05/17 11:22

Hi Indigo ...... I love to watch the market.  Always makes me wish I was there.

indigo 10/05/17 09:25

MD-Oh I see you found the translation.

indigo 10/05/17 09:23

MD-Sami week and Autumn market and the rest of it is a commercial.

MD 10/04/17 13:22

Yes ...... something mentioned in this link ........ now if you can just translate ....... :D

Way557 10/04/17 12:53

it looks like they are setting up for some sort of party.

Silver Squirrel 09/30/17 03:02

It was a dark and foggy night.   :-)

MD 09/25/17 22:49

It looks like the film set for a scary movie.

Rain Shadow 09/25/17 22:30

It looks surreal at the moment.

MD 09/17/17 15:53

Next it will be the trees frosting over ...... I love to see them like that.  Real Christmas card material.

Rain Shadow 09/17/17 15:18

It is starting to look nice and autumnal here with the leaves changing color.

MD 09/01/17 11:39

Hi Indigo ..... good to see it so busy but it does make me wonder why.  :D

indigo 09/01/17 10:56

Can't remember the parking lot ever this full...

MD 08/26/17 17:32

Yes, sunset is always lovely on this cam.

I'm surprised nobody has put graffiti on that tempting wall.

Moose 08/26/17 17:19

This is a most beautiful moment here!


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