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Nelly's Café

9 hours ago

Nelly's Café

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Nelly's Café

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Nelly's Café

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Comments (3984)

MD 12/15/17 15:52

There's no such thing as too much wine.  :D

I haven't seen anything of Rain Shadow for ages.  I've been meaning to say thanks/I wish you hadn't told me about Reese's delicious peanut butter cups!!!!  Maybe we'll get a Christmas greeting.

Way557 12/15/17 15:04

well then. we can rule out the too much wine... lol

Moose 12/15/17 15:03

Either way, now Way557 can pay it forward at some point.  Has there been a Rain Shadow sighting lately?

MD 12/15/17 14:59

Moose  ..... Mira Bilis was the one who told me ..... way back.

Way557  ...... I think it's an optical illusion caused by the fact there is snow on the left side of the steeple.

Such a beautiful view.

Moose 12/15/17 14:27

Original thanks go to MD, who taught me the secret.  Rain Shadow might have been involved also.

Way557 12/15/17 14:10

thanks to mooses  advice, i got it now.

Way557 12/15/17 11:43

what the heck, the links i post never works any more.

Way557 12/15/17 11:42

does that steeple look like its starting to tipover..

or is it my eyes playing tricks on me or too much wine.. lol

indigo 12/15/17 11:17

Go easy on that sugar you guys................

MD 12/15/17 02:31

LOL!!!!  Now there's an idea ...... I have tooth picks!!!!! Those minis are lovely.

stargzr 12/15/17 01:53

Hi MD,

You came to mind today as I saw a commercial on TV advertising the "best hors d' oeuvre" for the holidays:  a mini Reeses Peanut Butter Cup with a toothpick stuck in it!!!!!

MD 12/15/17 01:40

Hi Stargzr  .... very nice link.

stargzr 12/15/17 01:13

oops...left the pesky "s" in.  Sorry!

stargzr 12/15/17 01:05

Way557 12/13/17 14:41

yaaaa hooo nelly cam is back.

deacon 12/13/17 10:58

Amazing what a little duct tape will do.

MD 12/12/17 15:28


Moose 12/12/17 14:04


MD 12/12/17 12:20

Hi Deacon ..... I agree ...... but at least it's a start.


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