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MD 08/19/17 22:40

Oh Feral ...... I'm so sad I missed you. Whenever we get heavy rain I find myself thinking "I hope Somerset doesn't get flooded." Did you ever finish your girl-cave? You get up to so much.  I'm fine ...... I hope you are well. xxxx

Rain Shadow 08/19/17 22:16

Anything you say, Feralorchid.  It looks like a very murky night in Arjeplog.

feralorchid 08/17/17 16:09

Don't be silly...of course they are portals to parallel worlds!...Hi MD...55lb of jam so far. Feral Farm as mad as usual! Hope you is ok xxxx


Rain Shadow 08/15/17 15:28

Very nice clouds again.

Rain Shadow 08/14/17 22:44

Of course it is also possible that this could be some elaborate set designed by David Lynch to be used in the current season of Twin Peaks.

MD 08/14/17 22:34

Rain Shadow ..... you mean this isn't a portal to another dimension?  That's like saying Father Christmas doesn't exist and I know he does because I've seen all 4 versions of Miracle on 34th Street.  :D

MD 08/14/17 22:31

Moose ..... Kyle did come back briefly and we were civil to each other. He acknowledged that he'd gone a liitle strange on this cam. As for some of his comments on The Bench ..... I really am surprised he wasn't Funched.  He must have offended quite a few minority groups, races, countries, half the world ..... well ....... maybe not half the world but at least a quarter of it.  LOL

Moose 08/14/17 22:19

There is nothing more heartbreaking than a beautiful theory ruined by one ugly fact.  Aliens and portals are a lot more fun than fading pixelated frame rates.

Rain Shadow 08/14/17 22:15

I understand the 'effects' are a combination of the fading light, the camera pixels and the frame rate.  I believe it was established a while ago that it is not aliens or portals to other dimensions.

Moose 08/14/17 22:12

MD... I have read every comment on this cam, and that was not easy.  However, you are being too hard on yourself.  Compared to some comments I have read, you weren't all that awful.  Pretty impolite sometimes, but it was not you that drove Kyle away or over the edge.  He did that to his own self.  He was pretty close to the edge from the beginning when he was Unknown, and I think his brain chemistry got the best of him.  Considering his posts it is amazing that he was not Funched a long time ago.

MD 08/14/17 22:00

Moose ....... the lighting effects tipped Kyle over the edge. I'm ashamed to admit that I said some awful things to him on this cam.

Moose 08/14/17 21:36

There are some very weird lighting effects going on around the street lights, especially the one right by the building.  somebody should put a radio down there and see what happens.

Rain Shadow 08/14/17 15:27

Good to see.

MD 08/14/17 15:04

We've lost it before and it's always a relief to get it back. One of my favourites.

stargzr 08/14/17 14:47

It's least for now.  :)

Rain Shadow 08/12/17 21:28

It will be a shame if this one does not come back.

John in USA 08/11/17 01:07

No live feed! That sucks! Hope it isn't permanent, this is my favorite cam.

treefrogusa 07/31/17 19:48

raining today, very dark

Rain Shadow 06/23/17 15:32



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