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Nelly's Café

6 hours ago

Nelly's Café

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Nelly's Café

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Nelly's Café

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Comments (3911)

Rain Shadow 06/23/17 15:32


Rain Shadow 06/23/17 15:30

Today is the start of their Midsummer celebrations, which explains the ghost town 'Glad Midsommer' to everyone celebrating.

Mommie Dearest in Devon 06/23/17 12:26

I just saw some tumbleweed.   :D

Way557 06/23/17 12:17

its a ghost town today. everybody must be at the beach for their 2 days of summer.

Silver Squirrel 06/22/17 17:05

Incredible stormy sky.  I'd think the threat of snow was over, but ...

deacon 06/22/17 10:31

Good to finally see green everywhere.

Rain Shadow 06/21/17 17:29

I like those cloud formations at the moment.  It looks like a fresh and breezy day.

Mommie Dearest in Devon 06/21/17 11:25

It's 80 in the UK. I'd send it over to you if I could.  :D

Way557 06/21/17 11:21

i don't know what happened to our summer. its only 59*F here today in craphole new york.

Mommie Dearest in Devon 06/21/17 11:10

Love it!!!!!  :D

John in USA 06/21/17 01:17

When my family first moved to here (Bakersfield, CA) our car airconditioning was "2/40"--- roll down both windows & drive 40mph! Our car was a VW Bug.

Mommie Dearest in Devon 06/20/17 22:58

It's been 82 in the UK today. My airconditioning is "open all windows." Luckily we had a breeze.

John in USA 06/20/17 22:44

Lol!! No, on days like this--- meaning, above 90--- I stay inside with the airconditioning!

Mommie Dearest in Devon 06/20/17 22:23

Nah ....... that would spoil his tan.

Hi John.

Rain Shadow 06/20/17 21:51

John, I am now picturing you lying on a sun lounger in a gas mask.

John in USA 06/20/17 21:42

45 F & rain at Nelly's at 1440 Pacific time. Outside on my patio it is 105 F & sunny blue-gray smog skies.

indigo 06/16/17 08:59

Whats going on at church this morn ?

Rain Shadow 06/13/17 15:34

18C or 65F in Arjeplog at the moment Beautiful weather.

Silver Squirrel 06/13/17 15:20

Noticed two people walking and they were in shorts and tee shirts.    

Rain Shadow 06/13/17 14:58

When you consider that Norrrbotten is on the same latitude as Greenland and Nunavut, that would be about right, Way557.  Not long now until their Midsummer celebrations.


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