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MD 07/15/18 12:40

Hi John in USA ....... where on earth have you been??   I can now cross you off my awol list!  :D

Apart from the heat ......  I hope life is suiting you.  I think every day is a bonus but it doesn't stop me moaning about things.   LOL

MD 07/15/18 12:35

Hi Deathstalker ...... I guess I'm the winner ...... it's only 77F but feels much hotter. They've promised lower temperatures this coming week but they also forecast Hurricane Chris would be arriving last Friday and it didn't.

Deathstalker 07/15/18 02:21

Only 82 Fahrenheit where I am. I feel sorry for you because I also hate the heat.

John in USA 07/15/18 00:53

Hi MD!

It is currently a little over 100 here in Bakersfield, CA, USA. Has been the last few days & the next week or so will be the same! Ugh . . . I hate the heat!

MD 06/29/18 10:47

Hi Indigo ........ I agree about the heat keeping oldies indoors.  I went out yesterday but I was glad to get home after a couple of hours ...... and it was only 80F.  When it's too hot .. it feels as though there's not enough oxygen in the air for me.  As for mowing the lawns .... or any sort of work ....... out of the question.  I don't have air conditioning but I'm getting a nice breeze with all of my windows open. 

At this very moment it's 50F in Arjeplog.  That would suit me nicely.  :D

indigo 06/29/18 10:21

I would rather have snow, then 100 degree heat, yes air conditioners can keep cool inside but high outside temps stop us old people from working such as mowing the lawns, etc. We are stuck inside. I am a northern climate kind of guy...

Hope you are doing well MD....

MD 06/28/18 14:21

Hi indigo ......  I'm glad to hear you are ok.   It certainly looks like snowflakes.  I'm not that keen on snow ..... except on cams and Christmas cards.   :D

indigo 06/28/18 12:11

Are those snow flakes I see ??? kind of early dont you think ??

Hi MD, how are you ? I am doing ok....

deacon 06/13/18 11:05

Summer weather will go away fast here.

MD 05/18/18 15:55

What a lovely display.

stargzr 05/18/18 15:26

......speaking of clouds 

Way557 05/12/18 12:12

yikes, thers snow fleas are in the air today

Way557 05/04/18 14:21

the ice on the lake is melting fast.

MD 05/01/18 22:43

Only 3 months of the year without snow ...... if they're lucky!

Way557 05/01/18 21:38

what the heck, its snowing on may 1st.

indigo 05/01/18 09:01

Happy May day MD !!!

MD 04/30/18 10:47

Hi Indigo ....... lovely day.

MD 03/10/18 15:53

Luc .... see you soon ......... better to be busy than not!    :D

Luc D. n 03/10/18 15:49

Hi MD,  yes everything is ok,   I m always a little busy !  nice to hear from you too.    I  don t remember if I am subscriber of inside  Arjeplog FB page,   I m sure Im on "aurora in Arjeplog"  but of course not very active.  See you soon !  

MD 03/10/18 12:37

Hi Luc ..... I haven't seen you for ages!  I hope you and your family are well.

I think someone put a link to the website a while ago but I can't find it.  I love this picture ....

and in summer it is also beautiful:


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