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Nelly's Café

3 hours ago

Nelly's Café

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Nelly's Café

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Nelly's Café

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Comments (4021)

MD 03/10/18 15:53

Luc .... see you soon ......... better to be busy than not!    :D

Luc D. n 03/10/18 15:49

Hi MD,  yes everything is ok,   I m always a little busy !  nice to hear from you too.    I  don t remember if I am subscriber of inside  Arjeplog FB page,   I m sure Im on "aurora in Arjeplog"  but of course not very active.  See you soon !  

MD 03/10/18 12:37

Hi Luc ..... I haven't seen you for ages!  I hope you and your family are well.

I think someone put a link to the website a while ago but I can't find it.  I love this picture ....

and in summer it is also beautiful:

Luc D. n 03/10/18 08:59

Hello !   yes   every year march market   friday and saturday  .  Sometimes, there are pictures of markets  in arjeplognytt website. Do you know it ?

MD 03/08/18 16:39

A mini-market.   I always wish I could be there.

Way557 03/08/18 16:12

woo hoo theres a party coming up.

stargzr 01/17/18 00:33

Yay ! Snowing on Nelly's at 1:30 am.  But still no little lights.  :(

Way557 01/16/18 23:58
48801 01/12/18 11:52

Now that it's light outside, I can see that there's a tree in front of the lit tree covering some of the lights.

48801 01/11/18 20:48

Homely it's still there. There's just some snow on some of the lights or else there's something blocking some of the lights.

Homely 01/11/18 18:56

You know what's missing here? The tree that looked like a piece of lit up corn on the cob!

MD 01/07/18 21:37

Pop away!!!   I'm sure I have more jigsaws.

stargzr 01/07/18 21:33

OMG......Thank you!  It is now safely bookmarked.  And if you will excuse me, I'm off to pop some corn and try my hand at doing the puzzle.  :)))

MD 01/07/18 21:27

Stargzr ..... we have 99p shops and £1 shops.   :D

I've found the jigsaw .... have fun.

stargzr 01/07/18 21:20

OK, by connecting to your link I see it would take you roughly 1 day and ten hours to get there (Arjeplog) from Devon, but only four minutes to your local shop..... I'm thinking it might be worth the trip, tho' ! :D

By the way, my local shop here in Oregon is a $1 the USA to add a penny.

MD 01/07/18 20:57

LOL!!!!   I have those too... :D

Looking through my bookmarks I came across this: 

In the UK we have 99p stores but I see the name Arjeplog in the midst. 

stargzr 01/07/18 20:53

Fantastic!   :)))    (those are my double chins, by the way.)

MD 01/07/18 20:39

I'll put a link to it on here ..... when I find it.   :D

stargzr 01/07/18 20:04

By all means, do that !!!  I love jigsaw puzzles and this would be a lovely one to do......have fun. 

MD 01/07/18 19:38

Still no live for me .... but like you ..... I take what I can get ....... even a still picture is beautiful.  Mira Bilis did me a jigsaw of this cam.  Maybe I should find it again.


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