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Overlooking The Square from People's House
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Overlooking The Square from People's House

4 hours ago

Overlooking The Square from People's House

7 hours ago

Overlooking The Square from People's House

10 hours ago

Overlooking The Square from People's House

13 hours ago

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Comments (43)

Client Hacks 02/16/22 16:09

That's exactly what I think too Anonymous

Anonymous Watcher 11/01/21 17:36

MD, who are you? I see you on the comments of every camera. I have the feeling you are a very interesting person.

MD 10/30/21 20:51

Hi Ekaterina .... how could I forget you?  Many years ago we used to chat on the Opole cam.  I'm so glad to see you. I hope you are keeping well - and safe.  You must visit more often.  MD

Ekaterina Percy 10/29/21 00:12

Hi MD , remember me? How are you?

MD 10/23/21 22:36

Yes, lovely.

Richard Bai 10/22/21 08:14

cool cam!

MD 10/16/17 13:03

Yikes indeed!†† Lovely clear cam.

Way557 10/16/17 11:14

yikes, snow

MD 04/11/17 16:48

That was an interesting read ..... it must be like stepping back into the past.

Rain Shadow 04/11/17 16:14

This is another area where they have a thriving Sami culture

MD 02/10/17 17:22

I do love a market.

Rain Shadow 02/10/17 17:05

They have a market in the square again.

isaiah A. 12/12/16 11:54

how come everyone else gets snow but i dont get any at my house until after christmas! Well at least i can enjoy the snow on Opentopia! :-)

I have noticed a lot of people have those roof luggage box things, wonder why?

MD 10/24/16 11:26

Hi Indigo .... 2 months time .... it'll be Christmas Eve.† :D

indigo 10/24/16 07:22

Yes, nice cam, the snow reminds me that Christmas is around the corner.

MD 10/23/16 20:34

I like this cam.

Rain Shadow 10/23/16 19:13

A dusting of snow.

Rain Shadow 10/11/16 00:17

Foggy here too.

Rain Shadow 06/29/16 16:14

It looks like they are setting up a carnival.

Mira Bilis 11/28/15 19:04

Hi Nelly's Fan ... it would be nice to be sitting in this cafe, sipping a latte and munching a pastry while looking out at the snowy square.


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