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University Of Rochester - Wilson Commons

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University Of Rochester - Wilson Commons
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University Of Rochester - Wilson Commons

7661 hours ago

University Of Rochester - Wilson Commons

7664 hours ago

University Of Rochester - Wilson Commons

7667 hours ago

University Of Rochester - Wilson Commons

7670 hours ago

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Comments (10)

N Q 02/14/15 16:38

Thanks Mira for pointing out the controllable cam link you posted. I just moved it to the left of the walkway and saw 4 girls making hand made valentines :)

MD 02/14/15 16:32

Mira... I played and then put it back.  :))

Mira Bilis 02/14/15 16:21

Hi Kyle ... this camera can be freely controlled by anyone.  If you click on the link I shared below, it has a drop down menu so you can change the view, or you can click on the controls and move it manually.  :)  Many AXIS network cams don't work well on Opentopia's live feed but most function okay on refreshing stills.

MD 02/14/15 16:13

NQ... if that's the way to get rid of buns.... I'm off to Siberia!!   LOL!!!

N Q 02/14/15 15:58

I have indigo's weather today though he has a little bit more snow up his way then I do here.

I just went out to make sure my car would start because it's -30 windchills right now and luckily it did but damn I froze my buns off --- that's one way to loose that extra padding on my back side :)

MD 02/14/15 15:54

NQ.... I knew you'd find it. What is your weather doing today?

N Q 02/14/15 15:42

found it MD :)

They changed the view, it was pointed out a ceiling to floor window, showing all of the snow out there.

kyle 02/14/15 06:00

BTW those who know me, know i never lie intentionally, no matter who accuses me of it. Shame, i have had a nice record of helping folks over the years. times do change, most would rather believe lies now-a-days, cant blame them much, considering the horror that has sprung up about everywhere, and in every corner of sociaty and around the globe. folks are no longer in the habit of helping each other before disaster strikes.  Im out of touch and out of date anymore kiddo, have a nice day

(Oh,. using common sense, this likely is simply a glitch, what i wrote is in  case they have tightened up)

kyle 02/14/15 05:53

Mira dear, its this way of late, the folks that put up such as college cams are so afraid of thier own hackers, they won't allow open operation outside of tight control, to do otherwise in todays mental climate invites disaster. I suspect the trend will get even worse as time goes on for such as ourselves.

if they allow some openness , it strictly under observation. I can tell you, there is a program in the wild that reins in any new virus once its identified as harmful to machines, as long as the hackers leave the machines alone, they are free to harm as much data as they want. I wont go into details, but think of it as much like the computer net that Arnold S had as his mentor in his Movies, this one is only interested in keeping machines safe. Like any good program it was a total accident it became the way it is, it changes every time it encounters a new program, or someone tries to access it,  so as long as the net is up,. it is there. Not sure if SETI is fashioned after it, or it fashioned its self after Seti on using all of the net. Fun FYI huh!  

Sorry, will not try and prove it, just so the naysayers can understand i dont really care hahahhahaha

Mira Bilis 02/13/15 22:33

Another new cam ... looks like it only works on refreshing stills unless you go to the cam page ...


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