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DOGSASPEN Animal Shelter
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DOGSASPEN Animal Shelter

4 hours ago

DOGSASPEN Animal Shelter

7 hours ago

DOGSASPEN Animal Shelter

10 hours ago

DOGSASPEN Animal Shelter

13 hours ago

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Comments (19)

Ruby M 01/11/21 22:34

I love watching these sweet dogs! I checked their website and I believe the two I see the most on this cam are called Allie and Callie. 

MD 12/14/19 22:04

I bet they get yellow patches in the snow.

MD 06/10/18 14:53

And I walked right into it.  You did well.   :D

Moose 06/10/18 14:17

It was not easy keeping my sarcasm under control.

MD 06/10/18 14:08

D'oh!    Maybe I should have had more sleep.  :D

MD 06/10/18 13:47

Erm ....... I must be missing something.  I Googled and found a Lokki cafe but it's in Finland.  Having said that .... it's probably a very nice place to be.

Moose 06/10/18 13:32

The place to be is the Lokki Cafe!  LOL.

MD 06/10/18 13:28

Hi Moose ...... bed at 4.50am and up by 9.30.   I don't like to miss a thing on here.  :D

Moose 06/10/18 13:23

LOL!  Hi MD.  I thought you would still be in bed.

MD 06/10/18 13:08

Not sure ...... but I thought I saw a kestrel.    :D

Moose 06/10/18 13:00

Is that a manger over in the corner?

MD 03/03/18 15:57

One of the small dogs just took a fancy to the guy's leg.  :D

doglover1111 08/20/15 22:14

So cute watching the kids play with the dogs! Girl looks just like my daughter.(:

Mira Bilis 11/14/14 18:54

Doggies enjoying the snow.

kyle 07/24/13 22:22

If you are taking care of the family pet of the New Prince, you likely would want to board it here, hey think, that would be cool.    The personnel  are pretty, and the accommodations are better than some of our 5 Star Hotels, not counting the security available.

If you ever win the lottery, this is the place to visit, the Town, everything is cool and safe, Vail is only a part of it.   Hopefully the New Prince someday will visit here, His parents i think, already have, it is like being in a movie hahahaaha  8-B)

Jimmy Day 06/16/13 23:12

Someone Let the Dog in he has hinted enough running to the Camera and back to the door it's raining.

Homely 11/05/12 17:37



Anthony Purfield 10/26/11 16:40

great webcam, i am viewing from England U.K. and like to watch the snow events and i see you have a lot of dogs.


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