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Liverpool Public Library at 2nd St & Tulip St
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Liverpool Public Library at 2nd St & Tulip St

56296 hours ago

Liverpool Public Library at 2nd St & Tulip St

56299 hours ago

Liverpool Public Library at 2nd St & Tulip St

56302 hours ago

Liverpool Public Library at 2nd St & Tulip St

56305 hours ago

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Comments (60)

MD 03/16/17 13:52

Way557 ...... that's awful. I hope you don't have to go out in it. Take care.

Way557 03/16/17 13:39

We got a total of 48 inches.

MD 03/15/17 19:22

And still snowing steadily.

Rain Shadow 03/15/17 18:44

That is a whole lot of snow, Way557!† The icicles on this camera are impressive again, too.

MD 03/15/17 18:35

Way557 ...... OMG!!!!!† Thank you for sharing that ....... chilling to look at.

Way557 03/15/17 18:24

This is at my house 30 miles east of this cam.† and its still snowing.

isaiah A. 01/09/17 01:01

i enjoy coming here to see snow :)

isaiah A. 12/16/16 00:13

snow! :)

steeve 12/11/16 04:44

Ah , i love to see snow falling .. even tho we in Austria wont get one until febuary -.- and than it's not needet anymore†

Way557 12/07/16 14:49

Another lie from the weather guessers.

So far they been wrong on every snowstorm.

Way557 12/06/16 13:13

This is coming. Lake effect snow watch issued for part of Upstate NY: 2 feet possible

MD 12/05/16 14:31

Well that's not fair!† :D

Way557 12/05/16 14:19

We got about 3 inches of snow lastnight and this cam didn't get any.

MD 12/02/16 15:20

Heeeee!!!!† I think the problem is that I haven't had a cup of coffee yet. I've been to the dentist and the anesthetic hasn't worn off.

Now I'm with you. And I also looked up "snowbelt" as I wasn't sure of what it meant. We do learn a lot on Opentopia. :D

Way557 12/02/16 14:54

I'm not getting what you are saying. I'm only on my first cup of coffee. LOL

That is my cam link. I have 2 outside cams on my house.† I live in what is call the snowbelt zone.

MD 12/02/16 14:47

Would the cam on your link have similar weather to you?

Way557 12/02/16 14:40

Thanks MD,† No, this cam get diffrent weather than me.

MD 12/02/16 14:33

Way557 ..... that's a lovely link ..... and with music!† Must remember to keep bringing it forward.

So ...... whatever weather we see on that cam - is what you will be gettin?† I do enjoy Opentopia. There are fewer cams now but with good links like the one you just put .... we can still see lots of lovely places.

Way557 12/02/16 14:14

I live 40 miles east of this cam. Heres my cam link.

Stop by and say Hi. No sign up needed.

isaiah A. 11/21/16 00:36

oh no, writting the last comment made me miss the snow plow.


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