Missouri School of Journalism

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Missouri School of Journalism
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Missouri School of Journalism

5 hours ago

Missouri School of Journalism

8 hours ago

Missouri School of Journalism

11 hours ago

Missouri School of Journalism

14 hours ago

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Comments (11)

Emma Santos 03/04/19 20:00

I strive to explore the world some day too. Thank you so much for the link. Last time I was on here. Her camera was one of the popular ones.

MD 03/02/19 08:40

Hi Emma ......  I just love going around the world in my armchair.  I truly learn something every day.  Alas .....  I know nothing new about Chip Chan but you might see some info new to you on her old cam:


Emma Santos 03/02/19 08:11

This is the wrong video. But no ones figured out what happened to Chip Chan yet?

Emma Santos 03/02/19 08:10

Oh. Lol. I could’ve sworn you were an admin. I just see you on here all the time. You’ve been on here for a while haven’t you? There’s nothing wrong with poking your nose in stuff. They’ll just have to get over it.

MD 03/01/19 05:11

Hi Emma ...... I don't know about administering  ......  I know there are lots who think I poke my nose.  And they'd be right.  LOL!!!!!



Emma Santos 02/28/19 22:52

Thank you so much MD! I’m happy to be back. I’m happy to see you still administering. If that’s the word.

MD 02/26/19 12:23

Hi Emma ..... welcome back.

Emma Santos 02/26/19 12:02

Wow. I haven’t been logged into Opentopia in a long time. 


MD 03/10/17 15:42

Certainly does. Nice cam.

Emma Santós 03/10/17 15:30

It looks like a nice school.


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