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Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Break Room
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Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Break Room

5 hours ago

Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Break Room

8 hours ago

Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Break Room

11 hours ago

Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Break Room

14 hours ago

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Comments (62)

Homely 11/25/23 05:33

Always some kind of food on here.

MD 02/21/19 13:02
48692 02/21/19 11:59

Im German TV kam gerade ein Bericht das Essen in ALU Schalen sehr gesundheits schädlich sind. ????????????????

Rain Shadow 05/10/17 20:39

Ja, es sieht viel zu gesund aus. Sehr unamerikanisch.

MD 05/10/17 20:26

Das Essen sieht nie gut aus.   :D

48692 05/10/17 19:47

Igitt....das Essen sieht ja nicht lecker aus....Pfui Deibl. Da möchte ich nichts essen....

MD 01/09/17 02:37

This happens frequently ..... left over food is all you ever see on this cam.

isaiah A. 01/09/17 02:00

wonder if they are closed on the weekend and just forgot to dispose of it :)

MD 01/09/17 01:55

At least 14 hours.  :D

isaiah A. 01/09/17 01:03

how long has that food sitting out?

MD 10/17/16 18:39

Hi Rain Shadow. I didn't know that. I think I'll have some pasta.  :D

Rain Shadow 10/17/16 17:51

Someone should have told them it is National Pasta Day.

Rain Shadow 09/20/16 19:43

They seem to eat well here but it is a strange place for a camera.

sinister smile 09/20/15 21:44

What slop is being served today?

Mira Bilis 06/16/15 19:12


Mira Bilis 05/01/15 18:09

Chow time.  ;)

Mira Bilis 01/04/15 16:51

Interesting assortment.

N Q 12/20/14 17:11

Well now I can't get Live or a Refreshing view of this cam.

You're right Mira, someone is probably cooking something with those ingredients.

Mira Bilis 12/20/14 17:07


Mira Bilis 12/20/14 17:06

... or maybe not.  Perhaps they're cooking something off-camera.  ;)


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