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Rainy Lake

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Rainy Lake
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Rainy Lake

2841 hours ago

Rainy Lake

2844 hours ago

Rainy Lake

2846 hours ago

Rainy Lake

2850 hours ago

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Comments (24)

Rain Shadow 05/30/17 20:06

Nothing sinister, Moose. I simply have an IP add-on on my Firefox toolbar

MD 05/30/17 20:03

I have a sniffer mouse.  :D

Moose 05/30/17 19:37

It baffles me how you folks figure that stuff out!  Some kind of top secret government issued IP sniffer?

Rain Shadow 05/30/17 19:29

Interestingly, the current IP location for this camera is actually Fort Lauderdale, Florida, so go figure.

Moose 05/30/17 18:56

Rain Shadow, I would not have even noticed that issue except for the rather long discussion about this not being Lake Tahoe.  Which is not very close to San Jose either.  How can the IP address be off by by 2000 miles anyway?  Still, I just liked the Bullwinkle tie-in.

Rain Shadow 05/30/17 18:43

Moose, never take any notice of the maps & coordinates on OT.  Like Insecam, they are usually based on IP addresses, which are often nowhere near where the actual camera is set up.

Moose 05/30/17 18:13

The coordinates and map still show San Jose, but who's counting?  At least the cam text shows Rainy Lake and the correct time.

Also, International Falls is the basis for Frostbite Falls of Rocky and Bullwinkle fame.

isaiah A. 12/12/16 15:36

snowy lake! :)

MD 05/14/14 23:33

Mira Bilis, looks like they cater for everything.

N Q, my area had no snow and only the odd frost but we did have a lot of rain. There are bluebells all along the roadsides and all sorts of garden flowers are open. We've had lovely weather today and they've promised more.

Jay, thanks to you, and N Q, in just over 2 hours this cam changed from Lake Tahoe to Rainy Lake.

Mira Bilis 05/14/14 22:57

And it's a nice website too!  :)

N Q 05/14/14 22:50

MD we had such a long winter our tulips are just starting to come up. I've only seen buds on a few so far :(

Thanks Jay for letting us know this wasn't Lake Tahoe. The only tall things around this lake are some very tall trees. This view doesn't show it but International Falls is a very large forest park area with old growth trees.

MD 05/14/14 22:39

N Q, Atta girl!  I knew you could do it.  There are so many tulips open in our gardens. I adore the deep purple ones. Makes me think of your art work.  I'm sure there was a time when we only had red and yellow ones.

Mira Bilis 05/14/14 22:34

Well done NQ!  :D

N Q 05/14/14 22:16

It's Rainy Lake in International Falls,MN

No wonder it's showing central time as long as it is in the central time zone :)

N Q 05/14/14 22:13

OK I was wrong about this cam being down. When I changed over to refreshing still mode it refreshes about once a minute and the pictures does change slightly.

I also see that on refreshing picture mode I now have the webcam info which is  I'm googling it now to see if I can find this place :)

N Q 05/14/14 22:09

MD I'm not seeing a way to find the ip# on this cam. Mira do you have any ideas ?

It is strange that this webcam has been down for quite a few months but the date and time is still functioning though I'm pretty sure the time is incorrect as long as it's set to central time.

MD 05/14/14 20:49

N Q, no chance of an IP address then?  Our first real failure? I can't believe it!  LOL!!!

N Q 05/14/14 20:38

MD the only cam info for this webcam is that it's an opentopia image so there's no way of knowing where it's located. This is a webcam that's been down for atleast the last 6 months.

MD 05/14/14 20:31

Thanks Jay.  I'm sure our resident hawkeyes will look into it.  LOL!!!

Jay Whitney 05/14/14 20:02

This is not Lake Tahoe!  It has TALL mountains all around it and the far shore would be much farther away.  Lived there for years and loved it


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