Snohomish Skate Park

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Snohomish Skate Park
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Snohomish Skate Park

6 hours ago

Snohomish Skate Park

9 hours ago

Snohomish Skate Park

12 hours ago

Snohomish Skate Park

15 hours ago

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Comments (37)

Morning Sunrise 12/13/16 23:38

That  is indeed such a relief...This is actually one of the nicest sites on the internet... You give youtube a run for their money, M.D.!

MD 12/12/16 19:03

LOL!!!!      I'm not mad at you ..... just showing my lack of knowledge about how they dish out the time. Believe me ..... if I was mad at you ..... you'd know.  :D

Morning Sunrise 12/12/16 18:56

Whoo Hoooo!  The Mother Hen of Devon got up on the wrong side of the coop, this mornning...but that's fine. Any attention from MD is better than no atttention at all!  Cock-a-doodle-doooo!  Be carful, or Mother Hen of Devon wil be mad at youuuuu toooooo!

MD 12/12/16 17:37

Happy Monday to you.  I always thought the time zones were worked out in an east/west method .... not top to bottom. I've just looked at time zone maps and they confused me even more. So who cares?  :D

Morning Sunrise 12/12/16 16:29

That;s right!  You're sitting on top of the world, while the rest of us...

BTW  Happy Monday MD

MD 12/11/16 23:12

Morning Sunrise ..... Happy Sunday ..... I have 48 minutes of it left.  :D

Morning Sunrise 12/11/16 23:03

Happy Sunday MD!

MD 12/10/16 02:15

Much better for you than glue.  :)

Morning Sunrise 12/10/16 01:02

HAHAHA!  Not sniffing the gorilla glue but smoking the green grass of home ;}

MD 12/09/16 18:50

Are you sure you've not been sniffing that Gorilla glue?   :D

Morning Sunrise 12/09/16 18:40

You my dear, are peerless! i've been checkmated!  I acquiesce, Doctor Dearest of Devon

Morning Sunrise 12/07/16 22:23

Oh...So that was your laughter I heard?  I though it was the peal of angels or chime of Crystal.  I was completely unaware of your angelic nature!  Hencefourth, I will be more circumspect in my future messages to you.

I am indeed unworthy..

MD 12/07/16 17:21

I really did laugh out loud!!!!!  :D

Morning Sunrise 12/07/16 17:16

M.D. it is then...The doctor of Opentopia!  I love it..Yeah MD; that gorilla glues is some mean took off have the skin on my "cheek" and now I have to sit sideways as I type this...

MD 12/07/16 16:16

 Morning Sunrise ...... Happy Wednesday. So ... Gorilla Glue is the stuff to go for.  :D

Call me MD.

Morning Sunrise 12/07/16 15:40

Happy Wednesday, Mommy Dearest! That Gorilla Glue is some strong stuff...Keept me glued to my seat alright ;]

MD 12/06/16 19:30

Happy Tuesday!  Don't tell me you've been glued here all night??????

Morning Sunrise 12/06/16 19:08

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Morning Sunrise 12/05/16 21:05

Wow! Hey wait a minute.  Did you guys see that?  I am litterly gluuuuuued to the screen.


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