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The Pie Pizzeria - Salt Lake Delivery

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The Pie Pizzeria - Salt Lake Delivery
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The Pie Pizzeria - Salt Lake Delivery

11321 hours ago

The Pie Pizzeria - Salt Lake Delivery

11324 hours ago

The Pie Pizzeria - Salt Lake Delivery

11327 hours ago

The Pie Pizzeria - Salt Lake Delivery

11330 hours ago

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Comments (36)

Mira Bilis 07/08/15 05:11

Yw Chemical. :)

Chemical 07/08/15 01:55

Thanks Mira for the link for the other cams! :-)

The menu looks yummy. I'm a huge fan of pizza! 

Mira Bilis 07/07/15 21:29

The calzone looks delicious. :)

MD 07/07/15 20:58

Pretty comprehensive menu.  :)

Mira Bilis 07/07/15 20:32

And here are their live cams ...

MD 07/07/15 20:22

Chemical ..... reading the comments ... some say there is a restaurant ...

Chemical 07/07/15 19:57

Hmmm...looks like you might.

Chemical 07/07/15 19:45

I wonder if people can sit down and eat here? It's hard to tell.

MD 02/03/15 21:48


trix abound 02/03/15 21:40

MD...that sounds's like having a chauffeur!!!!

MD 02/03/15 21:34

Trix... I have more sense than to get drunk. I know my limit... which is more than can be said for hubby. The hotel I've chosen has a free bar from 10am until midnight. I reckon by noon I'll have the rest of the days to myself.  LOL!!!!

trix abound 02/03/15 21:13

LOL MD....does that mean you can drink him under the table???

MD 02/03/15 21:06

Trix..... can't be done!  LOL!!!!

trix abound 02/03/15 21:01

MD...don't let him get you drunk ;D

MD 02/03/15 20:56

Squirrels are having fun.  :)

MD 02/03/15 20:53

Trix... I'll be paying for myself... don't want to be beholden. There's a day trip to Barcelona so it wouldn't be too difficult to go the the Oviso. I know exactly were it is.

trix abound 02/03/15 20:40

maybe you could if you split the difference with "el cheapo"

MD 02/03/15 20:24

Trix.... I could go to the Oviso bar. The holiday I fancy is through France to Spain. I think when hubby suggested a holiday he probably wasn't thinking of anything expensive. LOL

trix abound 02/03/15 20:22

MD....deertrail guy is filling the feeders now...every day at 3pm!!!!

trix abound 02/03/15 19:56

awww....go on off on your holiday....just bring plenty of cheese...LOL   i do hope you will have a great time!!!!   i'm sure you will!!


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