GVSU - Great Lakes Plaza

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GVSU - Great Lakes Plaza
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GVSU - Great Lakes Plaza

4 hours ago

GVSU - Great Lakes Plaza

7 hours ago

GVSU - Great Lakes Plaza

10 hours ago

GVSU - Great Lakes Plaza

13 hours ago

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Comments (27)

Rain Shadow 12/05/16 01:12

There seems to be more than enough to go around at the moment.  This plaza always looks nice when it has snowed.

isaiah A. 12/05/16 00:47

its snowing! I like snow!

Mira Bilis 11/21/15 18:58

This one has a clearer view than its duplicate.

trix abound 03/02/15 20:35


N Q 03/02/15 20:31

another name change according to the GVSU website-


MD 02/24/15 21:30

Sad really...

trix abound 02/24/15 21:21

wow MD...so he's thought's have been like that for 4 years so far!!!!!!   confused and befuddled......

MD 02/24/15 21:11

Trix.... I love shepherds pie. I love the crispy potato on the top. As I've been typing this I noticed Kyle's comment from 6th Feb 2011. Now I'm confused! But that's nothing new.  LOL!!

trix abound 02/24/15 21:03

dinner is in the oven....shepherds pie tonight!!!!!!

trix abound 02/24/15 20:56

MD...it's he same with the electric bill...high in the summer due to the A/C running....high in the winter due to the furnace running....crap never ends!!!!

MD 02/24/15 20:50

It really wouldn't surprise me. I just wonder how they do it. I know that years ago they experimented to cause rain but it fell in the wrong place.

trix abound 02/24/15 20:38

i do think you've hit the nail on the head!!!!!!

MD 02/24/15 19:58

Trix.... it's March in 5 days.  I can't believe how long you've been getting snow. It's a conspiracy by the oil companies .... the price has gone down so they need you to buy more!  LOL

trix abound 02/24/15 19:41


MD 02/24/15 18:57

Trix... have they forecast more snow for you??????

trix abound 02/24/15 18:50

looks like my next week-end weather!!!

MD 02/24/15 18:47

Snowing like crazy.

Mira Bilis 11/18/14 16:57

Beautiful and brutal at the same time!

MD 11/18/14 15:23

NQ.... do you still have snow on the ground?

N Q 11/18/14 15:06

It's cold here today, 10 F and -10F windchills :( but by this weekend it's suppose to be back up in the 30's which will feel like a heat wave :)


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