Union University - Union Library

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Union University - Union Library
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Union University - Union Library

5 hours ago

Union University - Union Library

8 hours ago

Union University - Union Library

11 hours ago

Union University - Union Library

14 hours ago

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Comments (13)

Mommie Dearest in Devon 06/02/15 21:50

The top part looks like a mosque.

N Q 09/03/14 20:55

good--it looks like you gals found this place :)

I would of thought they would of tried getting the library done before school started.

Mommie Dearest in Devon 09/03/14 14:11

Trix.... I wish I was clever like you.   LOL

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 09/03/14 12:57

Lol, k I found it at the same time. Thanks for your help N Q!!

trix abound 09/03/14 12:53

i got Jackson tenn.....this is the new union library being built....

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 09/03/14 12:44

Awesome, ok, I will check it out. Thanks!!

N Q 09/03/14 12:40

Carol I'm headed out the door in a couple minutes so I don't have time to look for which city in TN it is, so if you have time to check that, then why don't you do the editing or else I'll try to remember to check it out when I get home later this afternoon.

The axis cam for this is http://towercam.uu.edu/view/viewer_index.shtml?id=2192

and if you do a google search for uu.edu you'll come up with quite a few links to Union Universary.

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 09/03/14 12:28

If u are sure N Q do u want to edit it??

N Q 09/03/14 12:19

I just did a quick search for this cam and it looks like it's Union Universary in TN. They have branches of this uninversary in a few different TN cities. It's a Christian uninversary.

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 09/03/14 11:53

Ok Mira, I have tried to find this and no luck!! Your turn, lol.

dona brantley 10/19/13 13:24

hi md         smile dona         jdo like this alot    dona

dona brantley 10/19/13 13:22

a tower and anice clock im in love

Mommie Dearest in Devon 10/18/13 21:15

I quite like this. Very pretty.


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