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Jack's Laboratory

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Jack's Laboratory
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Jack's Laboratory

5649 hours ago

Jack's Laboratory

5652 hours ago

Jack's Laboratory

5655 hours ago

Jack's Laboratory

5658 hours ago

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Comments (243)

Jillian Williams 10/30/17 17:45

Britta has another camera going in her kitchen. You can see it on the  ispy free app download. You also capture  pictures  with this app. Very cool. Just search California  and it is in Palo Alto. Happy  Spying  


MD 10/30/17 14:05

Thank you.

Jillian Williams 10/30/17 03:46

Live views  are available. Britta and Glen had a wonderful halloween  party. Be sure  to click on live  view  from drop down   menu.

Moose 06/25/17 19:24

Jillian...I was looking around in Britta Blvd and happened to click on About/Projects.  Here is where I ended up.  My post is still awaiting Moderation or something.

Jillian Williams 06/25/17 18:34

Hi Moose, which website or blog did you post to? She has so many.

Moose 06/23/17 00:50

She  certainly takes her parties seriously!  Reading her blog is amazing.  Just typing up the recap is more work than most people put into throwing a party.

Rain Shadow 06/23/17 00:39

Moose, thank-you for letting her know.  I am not sure if Britta is even aware of Opentopia, but her parties were always fun to watch, especially at Halloween.  She is so creative.

Moose 06/23/17 00:07

Hi Jillian...Thanks to Rain Shadow's link, I checked out her blog.  I found a place to post comments about her website, which is quite impressive.  I simply said Hi and told her we missed her on Opentopia.  We will see what happens.

Rain Shadow 06/22/17 23:35

Jillian, the camera link from her website, which I shared further down this page, is not working either.  I assume it is either broken or she has taken it offline.  I have not checked her blog for a long time, so it is possible she may have mentioned it on there somewhere.

Jillian Williams 06/22/17 23:05

What happened to Britta???? Any other cameras out there for her??

Rain Shadow 03/20/17 23:01

It makes a change to see the outside from this room.  It looks a little different with the extra daylight.

Rain Shadow 03/17/17 19:42

I see Britta's cats are in the room at the moment.  I was half expecting her to have a St Patrick's Day party.

Cheri xx 03/15/17 00:40

It looks so cool!

MD 02/27/17 17:45

I'm jealous. 6 days in Japan ..... China .....  Oh how lovely.

Rain Shadow 02/27/17 16:09

That would explain why the curtain has not been fixed yet.  Quite a packed itinerary, they are going to have a lot of fun

MD 02/27/17 12:46

Look out for burglars.

Jillian Williams 02/27/17 06:05

Britta and  Glen are on a 15 day cruise  to Asia. See brittadotcom

Rain Shadow 02/11/17 19:53
Rain Shadow 12/31/16 00:09

I wonder if Britta will have a New Years party this year.

Silver Squirrel 12/15/16 22:12

It looks very festive


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