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George Square
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George Square

5 hours ago

George Square

8 hours ago

George Square

11 hours ago

George Square

14 hours ago

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Comments (38)

MD 01/03/20 19:35

Hamish Macbeth was excellent.

stargzr 01/02/20 20:25
MD 12/14/19 22:21

Lovely cam.

MD 12/06/19 00:04

Works on refreshing stills but if you blink - you'll miss the subtle changes.  I always wish this was live on New Year's Eve.

stargzr 12/05/19 23:05

Such a fun cam, it truly would be great if it were live.

MD 08/21/17 12:29

A clean cam but no livefeed. What a waste.

MD 11/27/16 22:36

Animation of last snapshots are good.

Rain Shadow 11/27/16 21:36

Very nice decorations here.

MD 09/23/16 23:41

The reflection is annoying.

Rain Shadow 09/23/16 23:00

The city council web page view seems to refresh more frequently

MD 07/14/16 11:42

Hi Indigo ....... I was joking about Subbuteo .... it's a game played on a table with tiny models of footballers..... but Five-a-Side is real:

indigo 07/14/16 09:40

Never heard of such games............

MD 07/13/16 11:38

Hi Indigo .... must be 5-a-side. The pitch is almost small enough for Subbuteo! :D

indigo 07/13/16 08:42

Today it is soccer or football as the EU names it. Yesterday they were playing cricket.

indigo 07/13/16 08:40

Dont look like any tennis that I have ever seen, this is CRICKET...

indigo 07/12/16 11:54

Wow, cricket matches.......

Syrsa 12/21/15 22:36

And a Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy 2016 to you All! Cheers!

MD 11/28/15 19:31

It's fantastic!

Mira Bilis 11/28/15 19:17

As NQ mentioned, this cam works best in 'Refreshing Still Picture' (not Flash) mode. They've gone to so much effort with the decorations, etc. here ... I love it.


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