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UCONN - Avery Point from Marine Sciences Building
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UCONN - Avery Point from Marine Sciences Building

1239 hours ago

UCONN - Avery Point from Marine Sciences Building

1242 hours ago

UCONN - Avery Point from Marine Sciences Building

1245 hours ago

UCONN - Avery Point from Marine Sciences Building

1248 hours ago

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Comments (17)

William Brown 03/22/22 20:45


MD 08/01/18 19:09

Ps ....... you can change the view on this link:

MD 08/01/18 19:07

Hi Fonda Bell ......... I just had a look at Animation of Last Snapshots and there is a dark section so I don't think anything can be seen at night.

To have a look for yourself ....... click on the box to the right of Viewing Mode at top right of the picture and choose Animation.

Fonda Bell 08/01/18 18:55

Can anything be seen at night?

Fonda Bell 08/01/18 18:54
MD 05/15/17 11:25

Someone just whizzed the cam round so fast I couldn't focus. :D

Rain Shadow 04/24/17 17:42

A submarine sailing by.

Black Fish 06/11/15 13:05

Someone might want to adjust the Lat/Long to41.316184 by-72.062621 for the avery poing campus.

MD 02/25/15 17:37

Beautiful but a bit windy - judging by the wobbly cam.

Mira Bilis 02/25/15 17:02

Another beautiful day. :)

MD 02/24/15 18:13

Lovely view at the moment.

MD 06/21/14 23:58

Mira Bilis, that's a good link, nice clear cam.

Mira Bilis 06/21/14 23:00

Controllable network cam ...

kyle 07/08/13 17:38

Thank you Brianna, good to know someone from the area, uh, now the thousand that are yet to be solved hahahahah  be well kid

Brianna 06/17/13 23:33

This is correct. It's in Groton, CT at UCONN, Avery Point. Beautiful place!

kyle 04/12/13 17:22

You are likely correct, considering it's showing a large body of water and the marker is quite inland away from water of any size that would show on the map

Gerald Fitzgerald 03/19/13 11:36

I am pretty sure that this web cam is located on Avery Point in Groton CT. The University of CT has a local campus at this location. Several years ago I was in the USCG and was stationed here. Then it was a group of schools for enlisted personell.


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