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Argonne National Laboratory - Pump Controller
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Argonne National Laboratory - Pump Controller

5690 hours ago

Argonne National Laboratory - Pump Controller

5693 hours ago

Argonne National Laboratory - Pump Controller

5696 hours ago

Argonne National Laboratory - Pump Controller

5699 hours ago

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Comments (27)

MD 08/03/18 22:08

One guy is still there.

Moose 08/03/18 21:25

Must be all fixed and everybody went out to celebrate not having to work the weekend.

MD 08/03/18 14:04

Now there are 3 of them thrashing it out. Serious business. :D

Moose 08/02/18 22:55

It must be serious. Now they called in the 25 year old guy with a beard and tennis shoes.

MD 08/01/18 18:35

Rubbing his head while he hopes you can find a solution. Bosses are all the same. I'm glad I haven't got one.

Moose 08/01/18 17:17

I have been in the same kind of situation too many times to not know that the boss just looks over your shoulder and paces around rubbing his forehead.

MD 08/01/18 16:07

How do you know it's his boss and how do you know what he's saying? :D

Moose 08/01/18 15:49

The pump must be out of control! Two guys working furiously trying to fix it. Well, one guy working and his boss telling him to work faster.

Moose 07/22/18 15:49

Maybe it was a holiday in Funchland. Or he is getting tired of hearing from us. I have also noticed that these spammers like to go to sites where you and I have had a conversation. That means this one will be next.

MD 07/22/18 15:37

I emailed on Thursday and Friday.

Moose 07/22/18 15:30

I saw them but did not bother with it. I have noticed that the webmaster does not work on weekends.

MD 07/22/18 14:05

No ....... links are still there. :(

MD 07/22/18 14:02

Exactly. 10 pages at a time would be better. It would be a help if you could bookmark the page you got to but that doesn't work either.

On a different matter ......... did you see all of the escort links? I emailed on 2 consecutive days and last time I looked ..... links hadn't been removed. I'll go and have another look.

Moose 07/22/18 13:52

I have thought many times that it would be nice to jump directly to a page of comments. Now if you want to keep going, you have to go through those same 240 pages again, three at a time.

MD 07/22/18 12:39

Hi Moose ....... details of Kyle's wedding are on The Bench. I noticed your comment on there the other day and went back as far as page 240 .............. and then gave up because I kept reading comments. As you guessed ...... it was a virtual attendance by us guests. I dread to think what his vows must have been. I think the virtual guests probably had a better time than Mrs Gosnell. :D

Moose 07/22/18 11:26

Hi MD... The whole concept of kyle getting married just boggles the mind. I could imagine his vows!

Mira Bilis 07/20/15 15:42

Still using Windows XP ... I hope they have watertight security software installed.

MD 02/10/15 17:15

My own little packhorse...... :)))

trix abound 02/10/15 16:56 a beast of burden...LOL

MD 02/10/15 16:52

Trix.... we are going by luxury coach but he will come in handy:


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