Argonne National Laboratory - Pump Controller

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Argonne National Laboratory - Pump Controller
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Argonne National Laboratory - Pump Controller

4 hours ago

Argonne National Laboratory - Pump Controller

7 hours ago

Argonne National Laboratory - Pump Controller

10 hours ago

Argonne National Laboratory - Pump Controller

13 hours ago

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Comments (11)

Mira Bilis 07/20/15 15:42

Still using Windows XP ... I hope they have watertight security software installed.

MD 02/10/15 17:15

My own little packhorse......  :)))

trix abound 02/10/15 16:56 a beast of burden...LOL

MD 02/10/15 16:52

Trix.... we are going by luxury coach but he will come in handy:

trix abound 02/10/15 16:44

MD...i consider him your chauffeur!!

MD 02/10/15 16:14

Trix..... neither would I.  Did I mention my holiday in Spain is with my hubby?  :))

trix abound 02/10/15 15:29

MD....i would never get married again!!!!!

MD 02/10/15 14:24

Good morning Trix...  that's quite a jackpot!!!  Shame about the 2 hour delay.

And of course.... you knew this was the circuit for the dc boost cap starter. It stands out a mile. :))

PS... Kyle tells us on The Bench that he got marrried again.  I could have sworn that was on the 10th of July 2013 but I guess it's never to late to make an announcement.

trix abound 02/10/15 13:54

good morning MD...another 2 hour school delay :(  ....going to have daughter get me a couple of lottery tickets tonight...jackpot is up tp 450 million...enough money to buy my own tardis!!!!

MD 02/10/15 13:44

Yes.... it's so obvious.  ;)

kyle 02/10/15 06:56

interesting, must be the circuit for the  dc boost cap starter


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