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Hot Springs State Park

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Hot Springs State Park
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Hot Springs State Park

1832 hours ago

Hot Springs State Park

1835 hours ago

Hot Springs State Park

1838 hours ago

Hot Springs State Park

1841 hours ago

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Comments (9)

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 07/26/14 21:38


MD 07/26/14 21:31

Carol...... clear as mud.  LOL

Trix, I wish I'd thought of that. :D

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 07/26/14 21:22

Lol, does it really look clear to u MD or am I missing the joke??


trix abound 07/26/14 21:20

steam for the springs...

MD 07/26/14 21:13

Looks perfectly clear to me. Let me put my specs on!   LOL

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 07/26/14 20:59

Blurry Cam Nominee!!

MD 06/05/14 15:47

Looks a nice place for a picnic.

MD 02/03/14 16:03

It's been like this for over a month. I wonder if the Hot Springs have cooled down.  :)

MD 12/29/13 17:04

A winter wonderland. Very pretty.


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