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Kobayashi Cookies
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Kobayashi Cookies

6 hours ago

Kobayashi Cookies

9 hours ago

Kobayashi Cookies

12 hours ago

Kobayashi Cookies

15 hours ago

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Comments (17)

MD 02/05/18 13:22

When you are 12 years old and live in The Philippines .... I'd imagine it's easy to get distracted by real life.

Moose 02/04/18 16:05

I wonder where superbDOG got off to.

Moose 08/22/17 19:33

The other cam is back now.

Connor RK800 03/23/17 03:06

Where was the other cam?

MD 03/22/17 17:06

Dog ....... ages ago there was a cam aimed at the till and I saw a woman steal some money. I think Trix saw it too. It was on another Kobayashi cam.

Connor RK800 03/22/17 16:27

Oh thanks md

Connor RK800 03/22/17 16:22

here is the camera link with controls.

MD 03/22/17 16:21

Hi Dog ..... no ... you wouldn't be arrested.  :D

Connor RK800 03/22/17 16:17

i just put it back

Connor RK800 03/22/17 16:15

will i be arrested for that?


Connor RK800 03/22/17 16:12

i just changed the angle to the cash register

Connor RK800 03/22/17 16:08

i found out you can control the angle of this camera at

MD 01/13/17 12:38

Claudia ...... Brittany and I saw another cam in a cookie shop .... aimed at the register ..... and we saw a woman take money on 2 occasions....... so keep looking.  LOL

Claudia Nunya 01/13/17 05:25

Oh nevermind lol. Different cam!  

Claudia Nunya 01/13/17 05:23

I see they changed the angle of this cam... wonder if they're trying to catch someone stealing from the register lol

MD 01/10/17 23:36

This is one to come back to.  :D

heisenberg 11/25/14 10:04



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